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Future of ALKU: Dominique Hughes

December 13, 2023


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ALKU’s Futures Program is a way for employees to get an introduction to leadership. Current Futures Program member and Salesforce Recruiter, Dominique Hughes, gives us a glimpse into the program’s impact…

Virtual Beginnings

Dominique’s ALKU career started as a Virtual Training Center Intern, making calls from her dorm room at Byrant University. Evolving from a Pharmaceutical Quality Recruiter to being a part of the Salesforce start up, this experience not only propelled her career but ignited her passion for leadership, leading her to join ALKU’s Futures Program.

The Future of ALKU

ALKU’s Futures Program has been instrumental in Dominique’s growth. Through insightful meetings, outings, and networking opportunities, coupled with personalized mentorship, Dominique has honed her skills and embraced the challenges that come with increased responsibilities. The aspiration to be a manager stems from the desire to share her knowledge, contribute to ALKU’s success, and manage her own group in the future.

Being an Effective Leader

Dominique emphasizes empathy, collaboration, and adaptability as the foundation of effective leadership. Influenced by her manager, Jenn Dupuis, Dominique looks up to her as a leader who genuinely cares about the success of her team. Their shared Libra sign may be zodiac connection, but it’s their shared commitment, selflessness, and passion that’s shaped Dominique’s leadership style.

Looking ahead, Dominique envisions contributing positivity and growth as a leader to the future of ALKU. With Salesforce as her focus, she’s looking forward to elevating the group to the next level and one day she hopes to contribute an entire brand!

Do you want a future as bright as Dominique’s? Take the first step by applying for a full-time role at ALKU!