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Future of ALKU: Justin Mosher

October 18, 2023


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ALKU’s Futures Program is a way for employees to get an introduction to leadership. Leadership can be tricky, and the Futures Program is a way to get involved with peers who are in a similar situation. Recent Futures Program graduate and Creative Designer II, Justin Mosher, gives us a glimpse into his time in the program… 

Career Goals  

We asked Justin how ALKU’s Futures Program supported him in setting and achieving his career goals. Mosher’s response, “It’s, in my opinion, the best place to talk about your future at the company.” The Futures Mentor Justin was paired with made it a point know where his head was at regarding his career path. Futures helped him become a decision-maker and leader, granting him growth that’s impacted both his professional and personal life.  

Being an Effective Leader  

Justin says that throughout his career, he has had bad Managers, as well as great Managers. One consistency of the great ones is the respect and trust they have for their employees. It’s a partnership; people will want to work for you if you allow them to work. His manager, Becca Crossley, is an example of that. She has always trusted him to make the right decisions, and if he makes a mistake, she’s there to help him learn from it. The people Justin manages have great ideas and he always makes them feel comfortable expressing them.  

Future of ALKU’s Creative Team  

Justin plans on continuing to grow ALKU’s brand and his employees. The Creative team has a unique and interesting opportunity – revamping ALKU’s content to look cleaner and more professional. Over the past year, there’s been a massive jump accompanied by the growth of the people he works with. Justin gives credit to this team and individual growth with his people’s hard work and self-resilience. He is proud to be a part of a team full of extremely talented people, and the future is bright for ALKU because of them.  

Do you want a future as bright as Justin’s? Take the first step by applying for a full-time role at ALKU!