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Gabriel Pena Promoted to Senior Workday HCM Recruiter

November 21, 2023


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Gabriel started his ALKU career in 2018 as a Kronos/Oracle Recruiter, where he eventually found his home on the Workday HCM team in 2021 and immediately started making a difference. With an incredible spread high, he is someone who is fully engrossed in his role and dedicated to not only reaching his goals but outperforming them. From making ALKU’s Founder’s Club twice in a row to being an encouraging and supportive role model for his team, Gabriel’s positive impact on his team and ALKU as a whole is impossible to ignore.

A core member of his team, Gabriel is always on the floor motivating his team and keeping a positive morale. Someone who truly embodies ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture, his entire team agrees that they would not be the tight-knit group they are without Gabriel’s comradery and support. This mindset extends outside of recruiting; Gabriel is also an active member of ALKU’s Employee Resource Group, Unity, where he consistently attends meetings and participates in thoughtful discussions. He has participated in almost every ALKU fundraiser and attended every company event, as he is determined to lead by example both in and out of his direct role.

In Gabriel’s new role, he will continue to be responsible for Workday HCM recruiting. He truly wants to embody the idea of being a “partner” to his Leadership team on a day-to-day basis by continuing to be the go-to Workday Recruiter. Congratulations, Gabriel! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“GIBBBBBBB!!!! I cannot believe I am sitting here writing your promotion to Senior Workday HCM Recruiter. Workday HCM will never forget when we welcomed you to our team back in 2021 – but most importantly, I will never forget the energy you brought to us from day one (that’s what happens when you close a deal on your 9th day on the job). We have been through so much together in the past couple of years and the best part of that is getting the opportunity to manage you! Watching your growth over the last two years at ALKU has been a pleasure and a blast. Gabe never fails to make sure the spirits and people around him are always high; he is constantly molding our culture in HCM for the better. Gabe’s demeanor, competitive edge, ambitious attitude, and his ability to take constructive feedback & directly apply it… absolutely unheard of. Gabe is an employee people wish and pray for, and I am so glad I get the opportunity to manage someone of your caliber!

Gabe truly leads from the front. It only took you two tries at ALKU to get it right!!! If you know you know. ANNND FOR THE FIRST TIME… please join me in congratulating one of the best REHIRES at ALKU on his promotion to Senior Workday HCM Recruiter!! Gabe, I truly couldn’t ask for a better Recruiter and friend to grind with every single day. I am beyond proud but mostly so excited to see your growth in this new role! ESPRESSOS ON ME TO CELEBRATE?!! PS: PLEASE TAKE A DAY OFF SOON.” – Recruiting Manager, Workday HCM, Molly Terry

“7 Years ago, when I fought you outside of a UNH party… friendly fighting! I never thought I would be here writing about all the hard work you have done for Workday HCM; it only took a second try at ALKU for you to earn yourself a promotion!

In all seriousness, since the day you joined (the second time around), you have consistently been the hardest worker in the room not only in HCM but all of ERP. Titles like “first one in and last to leave” don’t even give you enough credit and I honestly don’t think you would accept the compliment either.

Your humility is one of your biggest strengths and I doubt you realize how instrumental you have been in building the HCM culture around you and setting the standard for what it takes to be successful in a competitive group. I truly couldn’t ask for a better co-worker and friend, and I’m thrilled to officially say, congratulations on being promoted to Senior Workday HCM Recruiter!!!!

I’m so proud of everything you have done, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next… DE LO MIO!!” – Sales Manager, Workday HCM, Noah Robison

“Gabe!!!!!!!! Where on earth do I start? To this day, calling and asking if you would ever come back to ALKU was one of my proudest moves. I knew the second you stepped through the doors (AGAIN), you were going to not only make it but make it big. You started out absolutely on fire, not afraid of any competition and you proved yourself almost. Since then, you have grinded your way to the top by working late and living by the mentality of no days off (but seriously please use up some of your PTO days… I think you have around 45). Not only has it been incredible to watch you grow into such a hammer Recruiter, but also to watch you grow professionally in so many other ways. I could not be prouder of you and it’s only up from here. But for now – Gabe Pena, Senior Workday HCM Recruiter has a great ring to it! CONGRATS!!!!!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Workday, Emma White