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Gaston Arocena Promoted to Recruiting Development Manager

August 15, 2022


Gaston was an ALKU Recruiting Intern who transitioned to a Full-Time ALKU employee in June of 2019 as a Workday HCM Recruiter. Since day one, Gaston has made a point to dedicate time and stress the importance of both internal and external culture. Doing so has made him a leader for those to follow and mirror in his group.  

Gaston is dependable, driven, dedicated, team-oriented, and incredibly hardworking. He continuously goes above and beyond. He leads by example and brings unmatched energy and passion every day. Outside of his role, he is a member of ALKU’s Employee Resource Group, Unity. Additionally, he takes pride in giving back to his community by actively participating in Volunteer Time Off. One of his favorites to participate in is the Boson Food Bank.   

Gaston will be responsible for expanding into the ERP brand by recruiting for multiple divisions in his new role. 

Congratulations, Gaston! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Stone… where do I even begin with you? Your journey has been one for the books in your three short years, from a shy recruiter who rarely picked his head up to a Workday HCM STAPLE. Your grind and attitude attribute 100% to all of your insane success. Multiple broken recruiter records later, you are truly one of the best to do it. After being promoted to senior just one year ago, it was clear that there was even more for you. Watching what you have achieved for Workday HCM, it is only fair to share your talent with the rest of ERP. I know you’re going to crush it as the first ERP RDM, and I can’t wait to keep cheering you on. CONGRATS to you, Gaston!!!!” – Emma White 

“The number of record-breaking accolades Gaston has tallied over the last year plus is remarkable. He can check off just about every revenue record a Recruiter could own. What makes this promotion even more special is the man Gaston has become and the relationships he has forged internally and externally throughout his journey. “THE STONE” is an unbelievable colleague, teammate, and friend to those he works closely with, and I could not be more excited or happier for you to be able to expand that footprint through the ERP teams and ALKU. Gaston’s personable demeanor and undeniable production have made him a certified stalwart for many years to come! Congrats, Gaston, you have earned it every step of the way, and this day is very well deserving!” – Steve Dowling 

 “Gaston is once again breaking into your ALKREW Updates with another leap forward and breaking new ground with his promotion to the FIRST EVER Recruiting Development Manager in ERP. As an RDM, Gaston will bring his infectious personality and recruiting skills to support a larger audience. Gaston has been so consistent for Workday HCM, a rock. Everybody that works with Gaston knows how much hard work goes into managing and maintaining, but he makes it look like a blast. From a wee Pebble to Senior Stone to the RDM Boulder, congratulations on your well-earned Promotion to RDM!! You’ve done it again!” – John Bull