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Georgia Murray Promoted to Personnel Services Manager

October 11, 2021


Georgia Murray started at ALKU in January of 2018 as a Personnel Administrator. Her personality and work ethic made it clear that she would thrive in this role. In September of 2020, Georgia’s hard work and drive brought her to the opportunity of transitioning into the role of Senior Personnel and Program Coordinator.

Georgia is known for her outstanding personality and approachability. She is a member of the Futures Program, implemented the Personnel Engagement Committee, established a quarterly newsletter, assisted in engagement initiatives such as Happy Hours and virtual contests, helped implement an onboarding platform, and served as a mentor to her team’s two new administrators.

During Georgia’s tenure with ALKU, she has helped build Personnel Services to where it is today. Over the past year and a half, she has jumped at every opportunity that’s come her way. In addition to taking on responsibilities while managing her desk with ease as a valuable resource within her team.

With this and much more, ALKU is excited to announce the promotion of Georgia Murray to Personnel Services Manager! In her new role, Georgia will continue to oversee the Personnel Services Engagement Committee and expand engagement initiatives outside of ALKU. She will manage and train the newest Personnel Coordinators. As well as playing an integral role in the growth and specialization of the Personnel team as they continue to grow.

Congratulations, Georgia! We can’t wait to see all you continue to accomplish in this new role!

“Congratulations Georgia!!! I am so happy for you and excited for the future of your team. Getting to watch you throughout this roadmap process has been a genuine joy. Every time we discussed the successes and milestones of transitioning to a leader you lit up, and every loss you used as a learning opportunity and grew from it. In the past few months, you’ve reaffirmed what I’ve already known for some time; you are going to make a fantastic manager. Your team better be prepared to have a mentor who will always be in their corner, pushing them towards success and helping them when they falter. You have been a rock for me and the team this year, balancing more things on your plate than some do in their entire careers. I cannot wait to see where you go from here, Georgia! I am so proud of you!” – Anna Kochien, Senior Personnel Services Manager

“It has been an absolute pleasure watching your glow up these last few years – from your first few weeks to a Senior employee taking on dual roles, owning the Personnel Engagement Committee to mentoring two full-time employees while implementing a new onboarding system. You have accomplished so much in your time here and have some of the best relationships with both internal and external employees. Thank you so much for always being unapologetically you and never letting anyone take away your bubbly attitude. I know that it hasn’t always been easy, but you handle things with a smile on your face that most people don’t know you’re having a bad day. It is that positive attitude that is going to make you such a good manager. I have no doubt that you will take full advantage of this opportunity and the people who work with you are better for it. Congratulations on such a well-deserved promotion!” – Kayla Morrison, Director

“It brings me great honor to write a promotion quote for Georgia Murray. I write this quote on behalf of all of Workday and ERP. Over the last three-plus years, we have been extremely fortunate to have Georgia as our rock. Georgia brings the upbeat, hardworking, and urgent approach that we weigh so heavily at ALKU. When I think about Georgia and our experience working together, every interaction includes responsiveness, collaboration, and positivity. When you are as consistent as Georgia, you carve out opportunities for yourself, and that’s exactly what she has done with this promotion. Georgia is dedicated to her craft, committed to the growth of the company, and now her focus will be the growth and development of others. We’re going to need more Georgias! From everyone in Workday and ERP, thank you and congratulations on this very well-deserved promotion!” – John Bull, Senior Workday HCM & Financials Recruiting Manager