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Green Team Spotlight: Kayla Morrison

April 21, 2022


Introducing, Senior Director, Kayla Morrison! Kayla is a member of the amazing Green Team, and we are so excited to get some insight as to what the Green Team is, efforts we can all take to clean up our beautiful planet and so much more. Thank you, Kayla for sharing the importance of the Green Team and the initiatives you bring to ALKU!

What is the Green Team? 

The Green Team is a group of people passionate about the planet! Our goal is to be a resource for internal employees on all things related to sustainability. We hope to bring information and awareness to employees while fostering positive discussions and encouraging community outreach. We want to get people excited about the impact that they can have as an individual while also holding the company accountable for impact it has.

What green influencer inspires you and why? 

Valeria Hinojosa (insta @waterthruskin) is an amazing person to follow!  She posts helpful tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle but in a way that is super positive and not at all judgmental. Another one is Tedi Sarah (insta @tedisarah). She is a vegan lifestyle blogger and has an adorable, paralyzed rescue pup that I am obsessed with.

Both women inspire me because of their honesty. They acknowledge the challenges around being vegan and sustainable and speak openly about their transitions into this lifestyle.  They respect other people’s choices to not take part in the same lifestyle as them. Instead, their focus is on awareness and education so that people can feel confident in the choices that they make.

What efforts do you make to monitor your carbon footprint? 

I am a firm believer that even the smallest changes can make a difference. Over 3 years ago I cut meat entirely out of my diet. I also cut out almost all seafood and limit my dairy intake.  I started composting about a year ago (but this is something I could get better at!). I no longer purchase products made from animals I.e. leather, wool and suede. I make a point to shop primarily at companies that have similar values to me. I try to avoid fast fashion and be intentional about my purchases. For example, asking myself “do I need this, or do I just want this? Will this still be something I use/love in a year?” By no means am I perfect and there are times that I give in to those wants but that’s ok! I am always educating myself on topics that I am passionate about and love to discuss with others in hopes of bringing awareness.

What is your favorite local business to support? 

My favorite store maybe ever is a little shop called Oak + Moss in downtown Salem. It is the cutest little home store with the best aesthetic, and it smells amazing! Also in Salem, there are a bunch of great local restaurants like the Settler which is my favorite.  Another great local business is a company called Goodnight Fatty and they literally deliver warm cookies to your front door. They have wild flavors (think Wild Berry Pop-tart and Midnight Milky Way) and they change them every weekend! A MUST try if you live near Salem, MA.

What can we do about the challenges facing our planet? 

Make small changes!! I know this sounds crazy but there are studies that show how much of an impact it can make if people were meatless even just one day a week. Educate yourself. This is an important one because there is so much misinformation out there. A lot of companies say they are “green” or “sustainable” and maybe on the outside it looks like they are. But it’s important to look at their actual business practices and values. Don’t get overwhelmed! There are so many challenges facing our planet right now that it can get really overwhelming if you try to care about every single one of them at the same time.