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Hailee Centrella Promoted to College Relationship Development Manager

November 28, 2022


Hailee started her ALKU career in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and has been a vital driving force on the College Relationship Development team since day one. Some say she was born for the role of College Relationship Development Manager. Hailee came into her role at ALKU ready to learn and give it her all despite challenges that were out of our control. Her consistency, hard work, and dedication have not slowed down since her first step into her role.   

Hailee’s campus contacts adore her, and students naturally gravitate toward her contagious and positive energy. Year to date, Hailee has had 640 applicants solely from the events she has planned, facilitated, and executed. This applicant number has made Hailee the first-ever College Relationship Specialist to hit Founders Club, which will go down in College Relationship Development history! She has completed virtual, hybrid, and on-campus recruiting and is an expert in all things College Relationship Development.  

On top of Hailee’s 75+ events planned this fall semester, she also managed her book of business, which consists of 10 paid partnerships/sponsorships with her core schools. Hailee’s ability to capture a room’s attention and genuinely speak to her ALKU experience has contributed to the success she’s seen thus far in the Talent Acquisition world.   

Today, Hailee is on the ALKU Scholarship Committee and is passionate about volunteering both inside ALKU and outside. Since day one, Hailee has embraced ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture.   

Congratulations Hailee! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

“Raise your hand if you’re at ALKU because you met Hailee on campus! To know Hailee Centrella is to love Hailee Centrella. I remember interviewing Hailee via Zoom back in 2020 and thinking, “I don’t know if we have room for another hire but let’s make room for another hire.” And let me tell you – she has exceeded expectations every day since. Hailee’s ability to capture a room’s attention, share her genuine passion for ALKU, and continuously build up those around her are just a few of the reasons Hailee has been so successful in her role as a College Relationship Specialist. I have had the pleasure of managing Hailee directly since May of this year, and the professional and personal growth I have seen over the last six months is a direct result of the hard work Hailee put in to achieve this milestone in her career. Hailee’s ability to show empathy, care for those around her, and enthusiasm about life, in general, will lead her to be a successful leader. She is the queen of MEDFAHD and the queen of CRD, and we are forever grateful to have her. Congratulations to you, Bella Centrella!” -Delaney Bradley  

“When Hailee started with ALKU, she was told to set up a meeting with me to get to know the TC managers because she would be an essential piece of the VTC’s growth. Entering the Zoom meeting, I did not know what to expect, but I was excited to meet anyone who would help my group. In a whirlwind of a 30-minute meeting, I learned more about Hailee than I knew about some of my family members. She told me stories of her travels through Europe, her close-knit family, the foods she loved, the color of her childhood home, and her grandfather’s hilarious antics, all while finding time to ask about my interests and story. Since that day, I have watched her bring that same passion and energy to everything in CRD.  

Simply put, the VTC program has been built on so much of her hard work. In interviews, my first question is always, “So how did we get here? How did you hear about ALKU?”. For the last two years, the answer has always been something like, “Well, this girl named Hailee Centrella showed up to my class, and she seems like she LOVES her job. I just had to talk to ALKU after meeting her”.  I cannot imagine where we would be without her hard work. She is incredibly deserving of all of the success in her career! Congratulations on this well-deserved promotion, Hailee!” -Taylor Trumphour  

“Hailee! This is one of those promotions that when I got asked to say some nice things about her promotion, I was surprised because I thought she already had the job!  

She is always positive, a ball of energy, and seems to be in at least three states a week! She is a force to be reckoned with and is one of the most impressive people I know, balancing everything she has on her plate! She is somehow running/hosting 5+ events a week, making sure everyone is prepped for those events, and doing it while traveling herself! The majority of kids I interview from CRD events always say how they knew they wanted to work at ALKU because of their interaction with Hailee. She is a vibrant addition to our company and makes ALKU one of the best places to work. She embodies everything ALKU represents – Having Fun, Working Hard – and she makes everyone else feel it when she is in the room. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of congratulating you on your successes so far, and I cannot wait to see what you do next, and hopefully go to another event with you in the future!” -Kayla Jones