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Haley Ante Promoted to Workday Financials Recruiting Manager

January 18, 2022


Haley Ante started at ALKU in January of 2018 as a Workday Financials Recruiter. When she joined ALKU’s recruiting team, she has made an impact since day one. From intern, recruiter, and now Workday Financials Recruiting Manager, Haley has been essential in every role she has held.

Haley’s work ethic is inspiring and truly admired by others around her. She has impeccable time management and communication skills while being optimistic and organized. In each role that she has held, Haley has outperformed herself and followed the ALKU process seamlessly. Her accomplishments are a shire reflection of that; Rookie of the year, 3X Founder’s Club Member, and so much more. In her new role, Haley will be responsible for the training and development of all current and new recruiters for the Workday Financials Division and will continue to provide input on strategic decisions within the ERP brand.

Congratulations Haley! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!


“We could never prepare ourselves for what we got when Workday drafted Haley Ante in 2018. Surely this excitable, over caffeinated, hardworking intern would slow down at some point? Incredibly incorrect. As an Intern Haley built the initial Oracle Cloud database from scratch, closed a handful of deals in Workday, and called me 9 times a day. Haley took full advantage of the drafted intern program, built up a stellar database, started full time and did nothing but execute! Haley won Rookie of the Year in her first 6 months. Alright, this boundless beam of energy must cool off right? Nah, consistent leader in metrics, spread highs, two more Founders trips, a go to contributor for countless companywide initiatives, Futures, and so much more. I am extremely proud of those accomplishments, but nothing makes me prouder than how she responded when we needed her most. When approaching Haley about making the switch to Workday Financials, she didn’t let me finish my first sentence, she jumped (literally) and said “YES, I’ll do it.” Leaving behind a large database is a difficult decision, but Haley never thought of it as difficult. A challenge that she was more than up for. Since the switch, Haley has led the recruiting side of Workday Financials to continuous personal and group spread highs. She is unwaveringly dedicated to the success of her employees, the group, and the company. ANTE! I’m so proud of everything you do, have done, and I am eager for what’s to come. Congratulations on your promotion to Workday Financials Recruiting Manager. Don’t go crying on me!” – John Bull

“What!? I thought Haley already was the Workday Financials Recruiting Manager?” The response I assume most of the company will have when they see this post officially. What an amazing ride it has been watching Haley blossom year after year into the incredible recruiter and leader she has. From a determined intern not overthinking a single move, to an absolute POWERHOUSE recruiter on the HCM team. She has been destined for leadership since day one. Every opportunity to step up to the plate, Haley has consistently jumped with no hesitation. To no surprise, this landed her in Futures early on, where she continued to grind and grow her spread. When the opportunity to transition over to Workday Financials came up, Haley didn’t think twice. Her work ethic and bubbly personality make her arguably one of the most easily recognized ALKU employees. She is a consistent source of positivity as well as a strong advocate for change. CONGRATULATIONS HALEY!! You have left such a deep mark on this company as a recruiter. I cannot wait to see you continue to thrive with the official title of Recruiting Manager. Workday Financials and ALKU are lucky to have you. I am so proud of you!!!!” – Emma White

“Haley Ante – Recruiting Manager!?! Nothing has ever sounded so right to me. From the moment that Haley started with ALKU we all knew she was going to be a big-name player with the company. Personally, Haley had me sweating my position at ALKU when she was just an intern. I can remember John Bull sitting me down to ask me if I was really going to let an intern that was working part time produce better metrics than me. Haley has always had an incredible drive to succeed and has brought that energy to work every single day. Haley Ante may hold the record for most spilled coffees in the office BUT that doesn’t take away the success she has had from being Rookie of the Year to managing a database in HCM and now leading the Workday Financials division to continuous spread highs! I am lucky to have the pleasure of working with Haley every day and could not be happier to have her as a new partner in Workday FIN! So well deserved Ante!” – Devon Sittler