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Hannah Marker Promoted to Technology Manager, Hardware & Security

March 28, 2023


Since day one, Hannah has gone above and beyond in her role, not only for herself but to make everyone’s lives better at ALKU. Within the Technology team, Hannah continues to assist in the Enterprise team’s growth, including helping run the Enterprise team meetings. In her day-to-day role, she oversees all ALKU equipment across every ALKU office and remote internship. Most importantly, she protects ALKU from daily cyber security threats and helps implement ALKU’s quarterly phishing campaigns.   

Throughout her career, she has helped train multiple ALKU employees on countless things in the technology world—for example, equipment, security, and new hires’ first-day training. Hannah was also a key driver in the Herndon office build and the Harrisonburg, VA Training Center office build. Additionally, Hannah pitched the idea of changing eligibility requirements for ALKU’s Employee Resource Group, ALKU Women Empowered (AWE), which now allows all women at ALKU to join.  

Hannah is goal-oriented, and when she sets her mind to something, she will accomplish it. With all the incredible things that Hannah has completed to help everyone at ALKU, she has done many things to make a name for herself. In 2021 alone, she hosted a Quarterly Update meeting, was welcomed into ALKU’s Futures program, won ALKU’s CEO’s Choice award, and was promoted to Technology Coordinator II, Hardware and Security. In 2022, Hannah began her Roadmap to working towards management and finding new ways to support her team. Hannah is dependable, hardworking, caring, driven, and an all-around wonderful person. These are some of the things that set her apart and make her one of the hardest-working people at ALKU.   

In her new role, Hannah will be responsible for all things Technology Hardware and Internal Security. Hannah will oversee Hardware SOS resolutions, equipment damages, upgrades, and our efforts to combat cyber security threats and stay up to date on all things hardware and security. In addition, she will continue to improve the processes of both technology sectors to ensure ALKU is functioning at the highest level.  

Congratulations, Hannah! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“Congratulations Hannah! Fun fact about Hannah, if she puts something on her goal sheet, it comes true, CEO’s choice 2021 – check, Level II (Senior) – Check, Futures – check, and most importantly, MANAGER – Check! Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and you are getting the promotion you deserve. If you ask people about Hannah, everyone will say the same thing. She is one of the hardest-working people they know. Just read her past (and current) promotions! It truly is what makes her so great at her job! Hannah’s drive and love for her craft are unmatched; I know that I can always count on Hannah if I need someone to do something. Being a remote Manager is HARD, and Hannah has done everything she could to ensure her team ALWAYS knows she is there to support them. From coming to Andover every month in 2022 to the many Zoom calls to talk about issues that arose. And finally, taking on a huge responsibility while I was gone on maternity leave, overseeing the hardware team, and she hired her first employee! We are so lucky to have someone who cares about ALKU as much as you do, Hannah! 2023 will be a big year for Hardware/Security. Watch out, ALKU! Thank you for everything you do, Hannah, and Congratulations times a million!” – Technology Manager, Enterprise, Erin McKone  

“If you look up hard-worker, dedicated, and accountable in the ALKU dictionary, you’ll likely find Hannah Marker’s name. Starting as an Intern in 2018, she gave 110% of herself to learning all the Government Corporate processes and proved a valuable team member. When the opportunity to specialize came up, we knew that Hannah was the perfect person to take on this new role in the Herndon Office. As ALKU grew from 2019 to today, Hannah took on several specialty roles, but her dedication and work ethic never wavered. It’s been incredible to see Hannah’s personal and professional growth over the years, and I’m so excited to see her thrive in this next chapter! Hannah, GONGRATS! You worked so dang hard to get here, and your team is lucky to have you as their MANAGER! So proud of you!” – Senior Manager, Personnel Services, Mailee Zhou  

“Manager Marker reporting for duty! Yet another great story of a high achiever who has made a positive impact since starting in 2018 as a Corporate team Intern and pioneer. Hannah, you are smart and selfless, and have a constant desire to learn and grow. Your approachability, kindness, and strong work ethic will be driving forces in your successful career now in Leadership. You can keep up with the fast pace of the ever-evolving technology world while also gracefully knowing when to slow it down for those [like me] who need a patient and thorough teacher. The Herndon office is lucky to have you in their physical presence, and the ALKrew is lucky to have you on our collective team. Congratulations on your promotion!” – Director, Talent Acquisition, Marissa Meyer