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Hanzla Sheikh Promoted to Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Manager

August 24, 2022


Hanzla started his ALKU career three years ago and has seen tremendous success. He is viewed as a trusted leader by the Pharmaceutical group and ALKU. He continuously works to improve processes and uses his creativity to find ways to motivate and develop those around him.   

Since Hanzla’s promotion to Pharmaceutical Sales Manager, he has consistently worked to build and improve both himself and his team. Every day he comes to work with a smile and brings unmatched energy. Hanzla is hardworking, collaborative, and driven.   

Outside his day-to-day role, Hanzla participates in ALKU events such as Quarterly Updates, company-wide meetings, and the Rodman Ride. Additionally, he helped to create ALKU’s DE&I Council.   

In his new role, Hanzla will oversee the sales side of our Pharmaceutical Analytical Research and Development and Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific teams. He will be responsible for developing the managers within these teams, focusing on growing them as leaders and driving the team’s strategy.  

Congratulations, Hanzla! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!   

“Congrats on the promotion to Senior Manager Hanzla; you’ve earned it through your hard work and your impact on Pharma since the day you started.   

Still, the most impressive thing Hanzla has built is the culture of his teams. He has helped build teams that are selfless, motivated, and flexible. People have watched him switch groups and pass off large accounts without batting an eye because his number one priority is improving the whole group and growing himself. He builds leaders who understand how to do the job well and why they do the job well. He doesn’t just come in and try and make everyone good at staffing; he tries to grow everyone as leaders, constantly working to improve in all areas. Hanzla is a problem solver and a motivator who inspires people across our brand with his positivity and consistency. This promotion makes the whole team better. Congrats, man, and thanks for all that you do!” -Charlie Nevejans  

“I am so happy to be writing this congratulatory promotion quote for Hanzla for his promotion to Senior Sales Manager. Hanzla is one of the most impressive, talented, hard-working leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Hanzla has played a hand in all four of Pharma’s divisions’ successes and has jumped at every opportunity in front of him, regardless of the sacrifice required. He has helped develop three of our sales leaders on roadmaps, all while producing at an insanely high personal level. Hanzla is the epitome of leading by example; he does what his group and his people need with a smile. The level of strategy and creativity that Hanzla provides to Pharma and Life Sciences is unmatched. In his new role, Hanzla will be overseeing Pharma AR&D and Pharma RegSci. I am excited to see the impact and the growth within these two groups, with Hanzla leading the charge. They are in the best hands with Hanzla, and another success is inevitable. I consider myself lucky to be able to work alongside Hanzla. HUGE congratulations again on your very, very well-deserved promotion, Zla. Keep doing you!” -Tarah Lovato  

Hanzla is an ALKU leader.  He leads by example, cares about his people and their development, and participates in company initiatives and missions.  Hanzla has grown multiple salespeople and sales leaders and was instrumental in the Pharma TE&V/Quality split.  Additionally, he has a “company first” mentality. After making his mark in Pharma QVC, Hanzla transitioned to Pharma AR&D to help develop new leaders and salespeople.  He seeks advice, is creative, works well with others, and has a business mind.  Hanzla has been very impressive during his career at ALKU, but I know his most impactful accomplishments are yet to come.  Please join me in congratulating Hanzla Sheik on his promotion to Senior Manager.” -Andrew Bull