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Harrisonburg Training Center Manager Spotlight

August 24, 2023


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We are thrilled to introduce Training Center Manager, Harrisonburg, Zachary Polglase. Zachary shared details about his career with ALKU, his favorite part of the job, and provided valuable insights about the Harrisonburg Training Center. Take a look below!

When did you start your ALKU career?
I started my ALKU career in June 2019 as an Intern in our Charlotte office. I then moved to the newly opened JMU Training Center for my senior year of college before starting full-time in Herndon, Virginia in 2020 as a Government IT Recruiter.

What drove you to your current position?
I was motivated to take on this position because of my Training Center Manager before me and the ability that I had to show kids the potential and the fun they can have working here, as well as start developing them into the next great salespeople of ALKU.

What is your favorite part of your job?
The Interns! I love interacting with them every day. Hear their stories, teach them, and see how engaged they are and how much they want to learn and get better. There is also nothing better than seeing someone become a successful full-time employee, knowing that you helped play a major role in that.

What is the atmosphere like at the Training Center?
FUN! We play music every day, hold contests for gift cards, provide free lunches, offer half days, and so much more. We also work really hard to earn the fun environment that we do have. Everyone comes in and is grinding to be the best that they can be and make the most commission for the whole group.

What can an ALKU Intern expect to learn and experience throughout their internship?
During our internship, an Intern can expect to learn and experience what it’s like to work at ALKU full-time! We pride ourselves on giving each Intern a hands-on view of what it’s like to work here, and they have the same opportunity to close deals and contribute as our full-time producers do. From learning the entire sales cycle to handling any objection under the sun – there is no shortage of experience to gain in the ALKU internship.

What is one piece of advice you would give an individual looking to pursue an internship at ALKU?
Be persistent! In your application phase, in the interviewing and next steps phase, and if you become an Intern – in that phase too. Show us you want to be here!

Are you looking to begin your career at ALKU? Our internship program is the perfect starting point for you. Take a look at our list of available internships and submit your application today!