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Holiday Gala Recap

December 14, 2022


ALKU’s formal Holiday Gala is officially back and better than ever!  

On Saturday, December 10th, members of the ALKrew from all full-time offices lined up outside Big Night Live with their plus one for an incredible night to remember.  

Doors opened at 5:45 PM, and the ‘Krew headed up the stairs, greeted with champagne, and down the red carpet into the exquisite venue. There were specialty cocktails picked out for the special night, and delicious food items were served, including lobster rolls, arancini, and more. Additionally, there was a photo booth with digital and printouts available for the ‘Krew to hold on to the memories of this night. 

Awards began at 7:00 PM when President, Andrew Bull, took the stage to kick off the big night. There were several highly anticipated awards being revealed this night, including The Nate Labreche Award, Corporate and Talent Division of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Business Development Manager of the Year, Recruiter of the Year, Account Manager of the Year, Revenue Division of the Year, and last but certainly not least CEO’s Choices presented by CEO and Founder, Mark Eldridge.  

All recipients were asked to join the speakers on the stage to receive their reward and get the recognition they deserved for truly going above and beyond. The ALKrew cheered every individual on, and the energy was electric the entire night.  

The event wrapped up at 10 PM, and the ‘Krew will hold these memories forever. The ALKrew is already looking forward to the next Holiday Gala. A special shoutout is necessary to include to every group and individual that made this night to remember come to life and exceed everyone’s expectations!