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Jackie Joncas Promoted to Internal Recruiting Manager

February 13, 2023


Jackie began her ALKU career in 2020 on the Personnel Services team. Immediately, Jackie stood out for her work ethic and contagious energy. It was in June 2021 when Jackie pursued an opportunity to join the Internal Recruiting team. She jumped in headfirst, immediately making an impact while going above and beyond.   

Jackie has been pivotal in the successful specialization of Internal Recruiting. In her first six months on the Internal Recruiting team, she hired 70 candidates; in her first year, she hired 164 Interns. Meanwhile, she was mentoring two employees and training one of them. Additionally, Jackie qualified for Founder’s Club and was the first-ever Internal Recruiting member to qualify. Not only did she perform from a production standpoint, but she has also laid down the foundation of communication and processes between the Training Centers and the Internal Recruiting team that has led to a seamless collaborative hiring effort.   

When thinking of ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture, Jackie is one of the first employees that comes to mind. She has a positive attitude and energy that are contagious and the ability to make everyone feel included and heard. In addition, she participates in volunteer opportunities and is a member of various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), including ALKU Women Empowered (AWE), State of Mind, and ALKU Veterans.  

In her new role, Jackie will be responsible for ensuring the company meets its intern hiring needs. In addition, she will be responsible for training and developing new members of the Intern Internal recruiting team. Finally, she will be involved in facilitating Intern to full-time conversion hires.  

Congratulations, Jackie! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“Jackie is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her personality is truly unique and makes every interaction with her worthwhile. Jackie has grown a lot since I initially transitioned into IR, and watching her confidence grow as she started and continues to own the Intern hiring efforts has been a sight to see. Her work ethic and ability to produce at such a high level while running the Intern IR group, being involved in 3 ERGs and consistently being someone whom all of TA respects and genuinely enjoys collaborating with is exactly why she is so deserving of this promotion.”  -D’Andre Drummond-Mayrie  

“Jackie Joncas – a light which (officially) came into my life on June 7, 2021. I knew Jackie would be a leader from her first day in Internal Recruiting. Jackie’s ability to light up a room, lead by example, and show empathy to her teammates and candidates has been a constant since she joined the TA family. I’ve always admired Jackie’s work ethic. It became clear that I wasn’t the only one when her teammates naturally wanted to follow her lead and learn from her, even before she ‘officially’ started on her road to management. I’ve always admired Jackie’s ability to read the people she mentored and worked with. Does the team need a laugh? Jackie is your girl. Does the team need to get work done? Jackie is also your girl. She’s reliable, loyal, and she’s all in on helping her people get to where they want to be. What more could we ask for? Jax – I first typed out ‘congratulations,’ but YEAH, YEAH, YEAH just feels much more appropriate today. I am so excited to see what’s in store!” – Delaney Bradley  

“JJ – you are a special one.  How dynamic you’ve proven to be – having started with the company as a bought-in and valued member of a Corporate team to transitioning into one heck of a producer within Talent, and finally to making the most of your time in Futures and enthusiastically crushing your Roadmap to management.  What I enjoy most about your leadership style is your genuine, visible, and tangible (watering eyes) passion for intern hiring at ALKU.  A driving force behind your aspirations is you being a natural-born cheerleader whom both loves when and loves to celebrate others’ success.  You bring welcomed light, energy, and presence to the Talent Acquisition team.  It has been repeated repeatedly that the company’s most treasured asset is its people, and I can’t help but smile knowing that you play a large part in maintaining that truth.  We have the best leading the charge in finding the best.  Congratulations!” – Marissa Meyer