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Jacob Carnes Promoted to Virtual Training Center Manager

May 02, 2023


Jake began his ALKU career in 2017 as an Intern at the Amherst Training Center. Jake quickly learned the ALKU process and made a name for himself immediately. Jake then began his full-time career at ALKU with the Epic team and was an excellent producer. While on the Epic team, Jake helped to bring the group to new heights and contribute to establishing a culture.  

Since transitioning to his new role as a Virtual Training Center Manager, Jake has continued to go above and beyond every day. He is welcoming, insightful, and extremely approachable, which is exactly why he is perfect in his role. He fully embodies ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture and makes strong connections with those around him. Jake was tasked with managing an already existing group of Interns, finding ways to take the reins while keeping production high, and he did so incredibly seamlessly.  

Throughout Jake’s career, he has participated in countless events with a smile on his face. Such opportunities include Boston Business Journal ceremonies, volunteer opportunities, Draft Day reveals, and more! Jake’s loyalty to his group and dedication to his team is an incredible example of what ALKU’s Leadership strives for.  

In Jake’s role, he will focus on growing ALKU’s virtual internship presence at universities and colleges across the east coast. He will exemplify ALKU’s culture virtually, bringing about his own specific skillset and challenges. Jake is asked to not only hold the virtual room’s attention but to get the most out of their day, all the while retaining the best of the best for the future of ALKU. The success of ALKU is heavily dependent on Jake launching fully functioning employees who understand the key drivers of our success. Jake can juggle all these things, which makes him a great manager for our virtual internship! 

Congratulations, Jake! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in his new role! 

“Congratulations, Jake, on your official promotion! Years ago, before we had ever worked together, people would say, “Have you met Jake Carnes yet? You two would really hit it off!”. I never understood why people would tell me this until Jake took an interest in the VTC world. Almost immediately, I knew those people were right. The authenticity Jake brings to the table has certainly helped the VTC program develop with his creative solutions to long-standing problems! His energy and passion for learning a new role were all I could ask for. After countless pages of note-taking and reviewing far too many Excel documents, I hope it has been worth it! With many more Interns to train, mentor, manage, and launch; I cannot wait to watch Jake take our internship to new heights as ALKU continues to grow!” -Senior Manager – Virtual Training Centers, Taylor Trumphour  

“CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Jake “Rubiks Cube” Carnes on his promotion to VTC Manager! This is a proud fatherly moment for me to have Jake be one of the first UMASS TC Interns to run and manage a Virtual TC! Jake is a relationship builder, and anyone who has had the chance to sit down with him knows what a caring and kind person he is. Jake is sharp, quick-witted, and not afraid to speak his mind. Over the years, he has built many close friendships and working relationships with various members of the ALKU. In his new role, Jake will use his witty charm to get Interns engaged and bought in on ALKU. His ability to connect with people and explain our process will help him build an amazing office and get Interns excited about ALKU. I am extremely proud and excited for this next step in Jake’s career, and I can’t wait to see how much amazing talent he brings to ALKU! Congrats Jakey!” – Senior Director, Training Centers, Andrew Regan  

“Jacob! Congrats on your well-deserved promotion. Since your first day working in Epic, you have been willing to do whatever was needed to get the group to the next level while keeping the HFWH culture alive. If you’ve met Jacob, you know that he is one of the funniest people in the office. If you’ve had the pleasure of working closely with him, you know he is also incredibly bright and brings great ideas to the table. Taking that leap of faith and joining Talent was one of the best decisions (besides the decision to get Koda, of course), and the future employees of ALKU are so lucky to have you in their corner.” – Senior Manager, Leadership Development, Stephanie Heyner