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Jake Chandler Promoted to Recruiting Development Manager

May 05, 2022


Jake Chandler started his ALKU career in June of 2018. Coming up on four years, Jake has had great success. He was the first Senior Recruiter in Medical Device and now taking on his third title at ALKU. Jake continues to standout for his incredible eye for talent and he has mastered finding quality candidates.

Jake is known for being fun loving, energetic, goofy at times and extraordinarily driven. Anything he is tasked with he takes seriously and completes to the absolute best of his capability. His teammates value his passion, infectious energy, and fantastic personality. For the past year, he has been spending a lot of time in the Charlotte office. While there, he has been expanding the amount of people he gets to share his electric energy with. Jake is a crucial piece of the Med QVC team’s culture.

In Jake’s new role as Recruiting Development Manager, he will continue to be a reliable source for hard to fill jobs. He will be a part of strategic decisions made for Medical Device recruiting and will be a go to person when the leaders need help. Most importantly, Jake will now be eligible to recruit and support three new divisions – Med RS, Med ST and Med TE. He will be called upon when activity is high, and we need another set of hands and will actively be seeking out marketplace information for all teams. We trust Jake will do an excellent job expanding his book of business to all candidates across the brand. Another source for finding new talent to add to our database is essential.

Congratulations, Jake! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Jake’s story started off like any other, just a kid out of school trying to prove to everyone he has a seat at the table. Managing him in 2018 and 2019 were some of my most fond memories. He had plenty of moments of turmoil, and plenty more of frustration, but he always wanted more. He insisted I pushed him harder and taught him more. Managing him in 2020 and 2021 was a bit different, boy did this kid get some SWAG and confidence. I love managing Jake because he has so much pride in himself and really knows when it’s time to step it up. Sometimes …. too much pride. My recent battle with Jake was talking him out of a $200,000 car he does NOT need. For the record- I won that battle. I however fully sport the expensive golf coach, country club, pure bred puppy, and overly priced apartment. It’s been such a pleasure working with Jake. He believes in everything we are trying to accomplish at ALKU, he believes in his team, and he believes in himself. Jake I’m so proud of you, you’re a special success story at ALKU. Never change bud (except maybe on your money spending habits).” -Patricia Blanchard

“It feels like just yesterday we were starting at ALKU together and now look at you man! The FIRST Recruiting Development Manager in the entire Medical Device brand is no easy feat and something to be incredibly proud of. I have been fortunate enough to watch you grow and develop over the years into one of the best recruiters to walk through the doors at ALKU. Your attention to detail, ability to recognize talent and develop relationships is what makes you a no brainer for this role. I am so excited to see how much of an impact you can now make across the entire Medical Device brand. You have been a backbone of the QVC Recruiting team for four years now and I know you will continue to make monumental impact for years to come. Congratulations on the promotion Jake, and yes – you can get off at noon this Friday for golf!” – Alex Parenteau

“It feels like yesterday that I wrote Jake’s Sr. Recruiter promotion and in fact it’s only been a year. Year after year he amazes me with his ambition to get better and reach even higher milestones. Now here we are talking about the first Recruiting Development Manager in Med Device! Most people would be comfortable with the success that Jake has had but he takes on the challenge of working harder and becoming a role model for new opportunities. Jake has been a staple in Med and the success we have had would not be possible without him. He has some of the best relationships, internally & externally, he fills the hard jobs, and always brings the fun, positive energy the team needs. Congrats on the new role Jake, we are so excited for you!!!!” -Kristina Zoto