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JEG Spotlight: Abigail Elgut

May 30, 2023


We are excited to introduce ALKU’s newest JEG Leader, Personnel Services Coordinator II, Government, Abigail Elgut! Check out the answers Abigail provided below!   

What motivated you to become a leader of JEG?
I wanted to become a leader in JEG to further connect with my Jewish colleagues, understand their backgrounds and experiences, and establish valuable relationships with them. I wanted to have a role in actively planning events and initiatives that celebrate Jewish culture, history, and traditions. Additionally, I wanted to advocate for the Jewish community within our Herndon office by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion to make our workplace more welcoming and respectful for everyone.
Has anyone influenced your Jewish identity?  
My dad has had a profound impact on my Jewish identity. He instilled in me the importance of understanding and embracing Jewish history and culture. Through his guidance and mentorship, I learned how to cook traditional Jewish foods, which connected me to my heritage and brought me closer to my family and community. 

Moreover, my dad taught me how to recognize and stand up against Anti-Semitism. He helped me understand the harm and discrimination that Jewish people have faced throughout history and how we can work to combat it. His lessons and guidance have given me the tools to be an ally and advocate for the Jewish community.
How does JEG help to support the ALKrew?
JEG creates a sense of community and belonging for Jewish employees. JEG also serves as a resource for Jewish employees who may need support or guidance on specific issues related to their faith or culture. In addition, it promotes diversity and inclusion within the company by raising awareness of Jewish holidays, traditions, and customs. This fosters a more inclusive workplace culture and encourages greater understanding and respect among employees from different backgrounds. 

What advice would you give someone interested in joining or learning more about JEG? 
If you’re looking to connect with others, learn about Jewish culture and traditions, and contribute to a more inclusive and welcoming workplace, I highly recommend joining JEG! Even if you’re not Jewish, you can still support JEG by being an ally and advocating for your Jewish colleagues. In addition, educate yourself on issues related to Jewish culture and heritage and speak out against prejudice and discrimination in the workplace. Doing so can help create a workplace environment that values diversity, inclusion, and respect for all employees. 

What new Jewish initiatives do you hope to bring to ALKU, and why?
I plan to explore partnerships with Jewish organizations to allow ALKU to support community initiatives and social responsibility efforts. By engaging in social responsibility initiatives, ALKU can demonstrate its commitment to positively impacting the community and creating a culture of giving back. 

What do you hope the future of JEG will bring?
In the future, I hope that JEG will continue to foster a positive and inclusive work environment where every employee feels appreciated and respected, regardless of their cultural or religious heritage. Additionally, I look forward to JEG raising awareness about Jewish culture and traditions and advocating for understanding and appreciation of diversity in the workplace. 

JEG Bio:
For Jewish employees at ALKU to feel welcome and know that anyone regardless of what their background is, is part of the ALKU community. Our primary objectives are to create a safe space to talk about life as a Jew in the world today, as well as share our culture and food with other employees that are interested in what it means to be Jewish.