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JEG Spotlight: Korey Cohan

May 31, 2023


We are excited to introduce ALKU’s newest JEG Leader, Financial Analyst, Korey Cohan! Check out the answers Korey provided below!    

What motivated you to become a leader of
I felt a calling to become further involved with JEG as it combines my sense of passion for the Jewish community at large with my new-found sense of belonging at ALKU.  

Has anyone influenced your Jewish identity? 
My Jewish identity was shaped by my family and local Rabbi – David Meyer – who both made an emphasis on finding strategies to find a symbiotic relationship with balancing maintaining Jewish culture as a constant presence in my life while also pursuing my own unique passions and hobbies.  

How does JEG help to support the ALKrew?
JEG goes hand in hand with the mission and purpose of ALKU’s success story. JEG helps contribute to ALKU’s already strong social fabric amongst its employees, which combines working hard with feeling a sense of community and belonging. Through JEG, Jews at ALKU can further enhance and develop new or existing relationships, which not only contribute to employee sense of belonging but also can enhance the efficiency of the work they do as well. 

What advice would you give someone interested in joining or learning more about JEG?
I would encourage any at ALKU to join JEG – regardless of their religious or cultural background. As with all ERGs at ALKU, engaging and learning about various groups in our shared workplace will add value to the company and individual. In applying to JEG – you will meet countless new coworkers and learn about a variety of new topics surrounding the Jewish culture.  

What new Jewish initiatives do you hope to bring to ALKU, and why?
I am excited to work with Steven and Abigail on tapping into the local Jewish Community close to Andover. Whether it be volunteering at various Jewish non-profits or food drives – JEG can find ways to give back to the community in a meaningful way. I feel confident in utilizing many connections I have made through my engagement in similar activities throughout high school and college to ensure this can be accomplished soon! 

What do you hope the future of JEG will bring?
I hope the future for JEG will bring more members joining who help grow the ERG both in size and knowledge, as they can each bring their unique perspectives and experiences to add value to our meetings. Additionally, I hope that JEG, as an ERG, can interact and participate with other ERGs along with ALKU as a company at large. 

JEG Bio:
For Jewish employees at ALKU to feel welcome and know that anyone regardless of what their background is, is part of the ALKU community. Our primary objectives are to create a safe space to talk about life as a Jew in the world today, as well as share our culture and food with other employees that are interested in what it means to be Jewish.