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JEG Spotlight: Steven Scott

October 28, 2022


We are thrilled to announce ALKU’s newest Employee Resource Group (ERG), Jewish Employee Group (JEG)! JEG is for Jewish employees at ALKU to feel welcomed and know that anyone, regardless of their background, is part of the ALKU community. The primary objectives are to create a safe space to discuss life as a Jew in the world today, as well as a place to share culture and food with other employees that are interested in what it means to be Jewish. JEG is sponsored by Senior Director of ERP Recruiting, Micaela Damiano, and led by Medical Device TE Recruiter, Steven Scott!

Recently, we sat down with Steven to ask him a few questions regarding himself and the future of JEG. Check out the JEG Table Talk below for all the details on ALKU’s newest ERG!

What is your favorite Jewish holiday, and why? 

It would have to be Passover. Passover is all about family, food, and drinking wine. My extended family gets together yearly, and it’s always a great celebration.

If you could meet anyone from Jewish history, who would it be and why? 

I have to go with Albert Enstien. Not many people know he was a Jew, but despite that, I think it would be awesome to be around someone so smart.

What is your favorite Jewish food item? 

Matzah ball soup. No matter the weather, a bowl of matzah ball soup has always hit the spot. It tends to taste twice as good if you are under the weather.

Has anyone influenced your Jewish identity?  

Believe it or not, Adam Sandler has. To me, Adam Sandler was the first person I admired that made it seem cool to be Jewish. He was never embarrassed to share his culture with people, and for such a prominent media figure, I think it is super important for young Jews to follow.

What new Jewish initiatives do you hope to bring to ALKU, and why? 

The two biggest morals I learned from being Jewish were the importance of family, and the importance of helping those less fortunate than you. I think ALKU does a really job at both these things already but there is always room for improvement.

What do you hope the future of JEG will bring? 

I hope the future of JEG will make new Jewish hires feel more included when starting here. I also hope to change peoples minds about common stereotypes about Jews. Lastly, I think a safe place to discuss what’s going on in the world as a Jew can be very beneficial to a lot of people considering all of the hate in the world.

What motivated you to create a Jewish ERG? 

When a new Jewish hire joined my team, I thought it was super important to let that person know they weren’t the only Jew that worked here. This immediately made them more comfortable and I thought hey why not have every new Jewish hire feel that after they find out we exist.

How does JEG help to support the ALKrew? 

JEG supports the ALKrew by helping everyone know that everyone is welcome here. It is a scary feeling thinking you are the only person that comes from your background so I think this ERG will be super beneficial for new Jewish hires to know that there are other people like them that work here.

What advice would you give someone interested in joining/learning more about JEG? 

To come to a meeting! So many people are misinformed about our culture, and I think if you want to learn more, the best place to start would be talk to us. This isn’t a religious focused ERG so even if you come from a different faith you don’t have to worry. It seems like a lot of people have not had much exposure with Jews in their life and hopefully this ERG can change that.