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James Mahoney Promoted to Sales Manager, Workday Financials

June 01, 2023


Jimmy started his ALKU career as an Intern at the Amherst Training Center and has been going above and beyond since day one. He then began his full-time career in May 2020 and followed the ALKU process. He began to see great success and reached new heights. He didn’t stop there. In fact, he helped his team to reach new heights as well.  

Jimmy embodies ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture and continues to support everyone around him. He is someone who always volunteers and finds ways to further submerge himself into ALKU’s culture.  

In his new role, Jimmy will continue to grow the Workday Financials sales team and bring his group and ALKU to new heights. 

Congratulations Jimmy! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“I haven’t figured out what fits better – Jimmy, Jimbo, MADDAWG Mahoney, or Workday Financials Sales Manager! There is not a single person in this company who has worked harder than Jimmy Mahoney to get to this point. Watching you grow has been my favorite part of working with you. From the day you started, Nate and I knew you would be an asset to the team, but you have continued to impress everyone each and every day. You have continued to trust the process, buy into the ALKU way, and develop yourself to be the epitome of what ALKU looks for. You have become such a strong, outspoken, and dedicated leader. Every day you come into the office with intentions of not only growing yourself but everyone around you. You have continued to lead by example within the Workday Financials team and push everyone to be the best that they can be. I know you will keep climbing and growing. WD FIN to the MOON! CONGRATS Jimmy! Excited for what is to come for you, and the sky is the limit! ERP IS COMING!” -Senior Sales Manager, Workday, Devon Sittler 

“The MADDOG! He’s a MADDOG! Congratulations are in order for the one, the only Big Bad Jimbo Mahoney! When I look back at when I first met and interviewed Jimmy, he was a young, quiet kid, just looking for an internship. I had my concerns, but I thought his work ethic and personality could make him successful at this job. I had absolutely no idea how far Jimmy would climb and how amazing he would become at staffing. When he first started out in Amherst, Jimmy did the right thing and kept to himself and focused on the phones, but he needed to show his true personality on the headset. As soon as he did, he not only had more success, but we got to see the real Jimmy. After only a few weeks, I knew I could always count on Jimmy to show up, work hard, and lead by example. Whether I was asking him to crush the phones to show everyone how it was done or play 14 different roles in our insane TC videos and skits, Jimmy was always more than willing to do anything he could to help. Jimmy and I always joke about how I sold him a pipe dream, and he made it come true. He had faith and belief in the ALKU process, and he made it happen. Maddog shows up every day, works hard, doesn’t complain, and gets work done. He has become the epitome of what an ALKU employee should be. It is difficult to put into words how proud I am of Jimmy and the person he has become today. I know that Workday Fin is in amazing hands with Jimmy at the reins, and I am immensely excited to see not only how far Jimmy continues to climb but the entire squad! Congratulations, Jimmy. I am beyond proud of you, and I am honored to have got the chance to work with you. MAD DOGS GOTTA EAT!” – Senior Director, Training Centers, Andrew Regan 

“Jim Jim! Jimmy! MAD DOG! James! Now, my official counterpart! Congratulations on your promotion to Sales Manager of Workday Financials! You have finally done it! When Devon told me the news about you being my counterpart, I was ecstatic, and I knew we would take this group to the next level, and that is exactly what we are doing. You lead by example, bring energy, and hold the team accountable while holding yourself accountable; you’re kind, selfless, and amazing at building client relationships. You embody the culture of ALKU while making it all look easy and fun! You have also grown so much, both personally and professionally, since I joined Workday Financials. It has been fun to watch. Thank you for being you, and as we always say, whenever anything happens, we know, “We will figure it out. We always do.” On to the next situations to figure out and grow this group!” – Recruiting Manager, Workday Financials, Haley Ante