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Joe Peduzzi Promoted to Sales Manager, Cybersecurity

August 22, 2023


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Joe began his ALKU career in January 2021 and has become a key player for ALKU’s Cybersecurity team. Never hesitating to put others before himself and do what’s best for his team, Joe is a natural leader through and through. He is the type of person who will do anything to ensure his group’s success, always having their growth in his best interest. Often described as both confident and humble at the same time, Joe brings a high level of passion and enthusiasm into every situation he is tasked with. To Joe, there is no such thing as doing the bare minimum, and this mindset continues to shine through in every initiative he touches.

With Joe’s determination and positivity, he has made an impact from the very day he started and is a core reason why the Cybersecurity team developed into the established division it is today. Through his guidance and dedication, he has helped grow multiple sales individuals, referred various consistently producing employees, and continues to lead by example in everything he does. It’s rare to find someone as selfless and hardworking as Joe, and saying he will thrive in a leadership position is an enormous understatement.

An ALKU rock star, Joe has played a big part in the group hitting major milestones in spread and has helped develop multiple account managers. Outside of his role, Joe’s impact is just as crucial. He serves as a support system for all employees in the Franklin office and never hesitates to volunteer and participate in all office events. In his new role, Joe will manage the Cybersecurity team and directly work with and develop new and existing Account Managers in the group. Congratulations, Joe! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Not enough good things can be said about Joseph Peduzzi. Exactly one year ago, I got the opportunity to begin working with him and the rest of the Cybersecurity team. By then, Joe had already been identified as a leader in spread (surpassing $50k), front-end metrics, and personality. I knew he had the opportunity to join a bigger, more established team in another office. Still, he chose instead to move to Nashville (a city he had never even visited) to be a part of building a newer and smaller group. He rose to a challenge many would have shied away from and was determined to make an impact. I knew about his personal accomplishments and that he had a big hand in growing the team, but what I didn’t realize was that I was about to start working with one of the most natural leaders I had ever met.

We always joke that we don’t have friends; we have clients… but in reality, Joe treats the people he works with as family; that impact is felt throughout the Franklin office. What might be considered going above and beyond as a leader to most people is simply part of who Joe is. He would do anything for his teammates, and the people he manages all respect and look up to him; I can confidently say they would follow him anywhere.

One of the coolest parts is that, even after helping build the group from essentially scratch to a spread high of $100k and helping develop one of the strongest young sales teams in the company, Joe has remained unbelievably humble. He takes no credit and is always hungry for an opportunity to be better and be the leader his team deserves. Ironically, in his drive to be better for others, he might not even know just how much he makes everyone around him better right back. It is about time the Cybersecurity team (officially) gets the Sales Manager it deserves. Joe, thank you for being willing to work with a new manager you knew nothing about. Thank you for your trust even when it wasn’t earned yet… and thank you for caring in a way that cannot be taught. You earned this, and I cannot wait to see what you do next. Congratulations, JP.” – Senior Sales Manager, Epic, Cybersecurity & Privacy, Shannen Ketenci

“Joe started with ALKU as an Intern three years ago. He moved to Nashville from Pittsburgh (AKA “the 412” AKA “The Steel City”) specifically to join the Franklin office and help the Cyber team get off the ground. When Joe started full-time, the team (I use that term loosely) was at $15k in weekly spread. Joe was a model employee from day one. He came in, paid attention, did what he was told, exceeded his metrics, and did this all while consistently taking time off to fulfill his duties of supporting the National Guard. Fifteen months into sales, Joe had eclipsed $50k in spread and had become (even before he was in Futures or Roadmapped) a leader and pacesetter for the Franklin office. In terms of driving spread, it’s obvious the impact that Joe has had on transforming that $15k division into a nearly $100k division. But even more so, Joe has advocated for external candidates to come and take a chance to work at ALKU in the Franklin office. I can think of three people who work at ALKU now, partly because of Joe’s connection with them and his encouragement for them to join him in building something in Franklin. Joe has handled everything thrown at him on his Roadmap like a champ. No matter what has been asked of him, he has handled it, and I can confidently say that the office would not be the same without him. This promotion is extremely well deserved, Joe; you’ve worked so hard for this. I look forward to celebrating with you now and when you earn your next promotion!” – Sales Director, Epic, Data Science & Cybersecurity, Dan Lyons

“A man who answers to many names: Joey P, Sergeant Slop, JP, Sloppy Joe (my personal favorite) is adding one more to the list – SALES MANAGER!!!!!!!! Doing a promotion write-up is always awesome, but I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. You were the first Intern in the Cyber group, and in your two and a half years of being full-time, you’ve broken multiple accounts, hit spread highs, tackled Futures, and completed your Roadmap. You are an employee that any manager would want on their team – you’re humble, hard-working, intelligent, and pour your time and energy into everyone around you. When you started, we told you we didn’t want someone who was along for the ride… we want someone who will come in, make an impact, and grow the group. You’ve done exactly that with your own book of business and, since being Roadmapped, with the people you oversee. Divisions are always looking for people they can build around, and you’ve been one of those people for Cyber since the day you started. I’ve been fortunate enough to be here for each step of your career so far, and I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future. Congratulations on a well-deserved and very much-earned promotion!!!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Cybersecurity & Data Science, Tyson Ashcraft