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John Bull Promoted to Director of Enterprise Solutions Recruiting

February 16, 2022


John Bull started his ALKU career in 2013 as an intern and became a Full-Time employee in June of 2015. He started as a Peoplesoft Recruiter and became one of the first Workday Recruiters when the division split. John has been a key component to the success of Workday since day one!

John is the epitome of someone who is always bringing a positive, enthusiastic, and humorous approach to anything that comes his way. Over the years, John has taken a deep dive to completely understand the Workday market. During this time, he continued to develop successful managers, future leaders, and is a role model to those around him. John has consistently led by example in every role he has held and continues to be a staple within ALKU Leadership.

As Director of Enterprise Solutions Recruiting, John will be responsible for the oversight of Recruiting within Workday HCM, Workday Financials, and Oracle. He will continue to develop and work with the Workday HCM, Workday Financials, and Oracle recruiting Managers. He will play a large part of the recruiting operations within these three groups. In this new role, John will provide leadership and guidance to everyone within Enterprise Solutions.

Congratulations John! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“JOHNNNY DIRECTORRRR has a breathtaking ring to it! WOW I couldn’t be prouder of you! Each day you continue to impress me with all your success. From developing countless successful top recruiters in the company, developing multiple managers, managing two divisions into the positions they are in today, and now taking on a new group to continue to guide them to the next level. What haven’t you done?!?!?! One of John’s strengths is his strategic approach to any situation that comes his way. He is constantly coming up with new ideas to position his groups to be as successful as they can be. John always puts others before him and has an incredible way of guiding everyone he works with to achieve their group and personal goals. He brings his positive and humorous personality to work every day and has created an overall upbeat environment. Everyone who works with him looks up to him because of this. John, it has been such an honor to work with you since the day you started and has been amazing to watch you evolve into the DIRECTOR you are today!! I couldn’t be more excited for you and for your next chapter at ALKU. Enterprise Solutions to the moon! Congratulations Ron, you’ve done it!!!!” – Micaela Damiano

“Integrity, honesty, and thoughtfulness, just a few words that come to mind when I think of John Bull. Working with John the past 8 years, I’ve been able to see him develop some of our company’s most engaged and motivated leaders. He has done a phenomenal job finding out how to get the most out of the people who work for him, and the amount of time he devotes to helping them get there is why he is one of our company’s best leaders. I’ve learned a lot since working with John. However, the most important thing he has taught me that I try to do every day is consider feelings, thoughts, and opinions. John has always been the most selfless person when it comes to putting others in a position to succeed. I have witnessed John go the extra mile for his employees when there is an opportunity for them to excel within the company, even if it sets John back. There is no better strategic thinker out there than John and boy does he know how to recruit. He is ALKU’s “most interesting man.” I couldn’t be more excited or proud for his promotion. Congratulations John.” – James Cassin-Reed

“John embodies everything you want in a leader. He is extremely passionate about everyone’s success on his team, and it is clear from the number of great recruiters and managers that John has developed. John has continued his transformation from a top Recruiter in ALKU’s history, manager of the largest group in ERP, and now a developer of multiple managers around him. He jumped at the opportunity to take on the Enterprise Solutions side of ERP and his impact can already be felt as all the groups are set up to have a huge 2022! One of John’s strengths is his strategic thinking, he is constantly creating more opportunities for those around him. John’s personality, consistency, drive, and overall talent have been pillars that ERP has built upon for years. Getting John involved and working with more groups to have a bigger impact on the brand and overall company is absolutely a no brainer. Congratulations on becoming the Director of Enterprise Solutions Recruiting!! I am fired up to watch you continue to evaluate those around you and leading the groups you work with to the next level!!” – Nick Vignone