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John Tomaszewski Promoted to Senior Oracle Cloud Account Manager

April 01, 2024


Within his ALKU career, John’s professional and personal growth has been an incredible journey. John started his career at ALKU while simultaneously working long weekends in the kitchen at his local diner. He quickly learned the importance of building relationships with his clients by opening up about his life outside of work, using this to his advantage, and forming genuine connections with his colleagues. Over the last few years, John has learned to be a vocal salesperson and role model for other Account Managers within the Oracle Division, and his growth has directly translated into his professional milestones. He is a leader who is calm in moments of chaos, always communicates effectively, and consistently motivates and cheers on his coworkers. Awarded ALKU’s ERP Comeback Player of the Year in 2023, the company’s entire Oracle group is grateful to have worked alongside him and learned from his own experiences and guidance.

Someone willing to put in the work to see the results, John takes it upon himself to mentor new employees and genuinely enjoys seeing his tips and tricks benefit those around him. John is proud to work at ALKU and has given his all to become a successful Account Manager to support himself and those he cares for outside of work. Described as “the pulse of the Oracle Division,” he sets the tone every day he comes into work and has learned how significant his impact is on those around him, utilizing this for the greater good of his team. In his new role, John will continue to lead from the front and serve as a mentor for the Oracle Cloud team. With his eye set on significant milestones this year, he will focus on creating a sustainable book of business as a consistent high producer at a company level and mentoring three ALKU Interns this summer.

“Johnny boy, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. You have taught me how to have hard conversations and shown me the positive impact that it can make on those I work with. You are the life of the party and have me cracking up on my way home from work daily when I think about our daily banter. I am just so incredibly lucky to have worked with you over the last three years and so proud that you finally get to reap the benefits of your trust in me. Let’s continue changing our lives for the better—congrats, brotha!!” – Sales Manager, Oracle Cloud, Samuel Huston

“John Tom!!! They say never trust a man with two first names; however, since yours is a nickname, I think it plays. What a journey of perseverance. I won’t go into all the details, but I will give some key highlights. This kid started his career in Durham – not as an Intern, but as a full-time hire working out of the Durham TC since the Andover Office was shut down for the pandemic. Oracle was in its infancy, and they needed another Account Manager to help take this group from start-up to staple. He proved the model and laid the groundwork for future people to follow and repeat. He was ERP’s Comeback Player of the Tear. He has some great flow with his new haircut. He is a below-average golfer but an above-average good time. Congratulations to my friend, John Tomahajdkskrhsjskhfnksiai!” – Sales Director, Enterprise Solutions, Craig Cowen

“JOHNNNNNNNNNY BOY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! When you first started three years ago, I’m not sure if I ever imagined I would be writing about your promotion to Senior Account Manager, and now it seems as if you’ve already been in this role forever! What a ride it has been, and I am so happy to have watched you grow into the Account Manager you are today. Just last year, you grew your spread, made Founder’s Club, were ERP’s Comeback Player of the Year, helped mentor new hires… and the list goes on!!! It’s inspiring how excited and passionate you are about your activity, and I know the NWO would be lost without you! Drinks on Sam!!!!! CONGRATS JOHN, SENIOR (older than me), TOMASZEWSKIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Recruiting Manager, Oracle Cloud, Alexandria Reyno