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Joseph DiFazio Promoted to Sales Manager, Medical Device

April 23, 2024


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Since starting his ALKU career in November 2020, Joseph has fully embodied ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture. Every single day he comes to work, he leads by example and consistently closes the most deals in his respective groups quarter over quarter. A natural-born leader, Joseph has used his wisdom and assistance to grow his mentee to a successful AWO. His passion for success is contagious and creates a fun culture. With an impressive spread high, Joseph is a pioneer for Medical Device, leading the group in client visits. As someone his teammates look up to and value as a leader, he excels in maintaining his group’s national accounts and getting new salespeople up to speed on ALKU’s processes. 

Always willing to play his part and lend a helping hand to those around him, Joseph has spearheaded two VTO outings for his team to give back to the community while attending many more as a volunteer. He consistently goes out of his way to keep his team’s morale and camaraderie at it speak, always coming up with contests to keep Account Managers engaged and motivated towards success. He is passionate, determined, and dedicated, and the future of Medical Device Sales looks bright beneath his leadership. In his new role, Joe will be responsible for overseeing the new large group structure of Medical Device RS, including producing at a high level and continuing to grow the future of ALKU. 

“I am very excited about this one. Joey D, The Staffing Don; congratulations on a well-earned promotion. You’ve accomplished so much in your short tenure at ALKU – starting during the pandemic, getting DBAs on your kitchen table, to now being promoted to Med-RS Sales Manager… what a wild ride. From day one, your personality was magnetic, and you have molded yourself into a top producer with some of the strongest relationships in the company. You inherited a tough situation, facing challenges we have never faced, and have come out stronger because of it. Joe brings a fun culture, and relentless mindset to work every day, we are lucky to have him. Congratulations again on your promotion – make sure to celebrate with Lauren and Bear and then the sky is the limit to where we take this thing!” –  Senior Sales Manager, Medical Device RS, John Barrett 

“Joey D!! To go from the state’s most valued construction site project manager to a positive, energetic, and inspiring leader at a staffing company is quite the 180!! Joe is someone who leads by example and his personal accolades speak for themselves. For those who have had the chance to work with Joe, you know he is someone who values his relationships and manages with passion, something critical to being a successful leader at ALKU. You have accomplished so much and took every challenge a Roadmap threw at you head-on! I am excited to see what is to come from you and the positive impact you will have on so many other successful employees here. Just remember – you are not just the Manager of a group, but a LEADER, and the sky is the limit for what you can do here. Congrats, man! – Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device RS, Logan Blake  

“Joseph!!! The Italian Stallion! This is a real full-circle moment for me. Joe was one of the first Account Managers I worked with after switching from recruiting a few years back. I remember interviewing Joe, and one of my first comments to my colleagues was, ‘That’s one of our future Managers.’ We had to peel Rico out of that interview – he could’ve gone all day. Needless to say, we hit it off… I had to fight for Joe on my team and, man, am I happy we did.  

Joe lived up to all the hype, working for us for nearly six months before even stepping foot in the office. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other remotely before even meeting one another during COVID. Joe is such an easy guy to root for; he is constantly optimistic, his positive energy is infectious, and he is consistent and reliable. He is talented and coachable, we rarely get to say it but he truly is a full-package kind of guy.  

All of the things that make Joe a great Account Manager have made him an even better leader. His people look up to him and aspire to be like him. Joe has been a Sales Manager in my book for quite some time, so it’s about time he gets the title. Joe has a bright future here and this is simply a stop along the way in a great career as a sales leader. I am proud to be one of the people who get to say a few kind words. Med RS Sales is in good hands and this is only the beginning. Congrats, Joe Joe!!!!!” – Senior Sales Director, Medical Device, Bob Cordaro