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JP Barrett Promoted to Strategic Technology Manager

January 19, 2022


JP Barrett started at ALKU in March of 2019 as the second employee in Business Technology. He has implemented many key technologies such as OfficeSpace, Pulse, and DocuSign. He has assisted the team by developing process/workflows, training manuals, job aids, and much more. JP has been essential in every role he has held.

JP has been heavily involved with ALKU beyond his everyday role. He is a key member to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion council as well as a founder of the Pride Employee Resource Group. His hard work, reliability, and dedication is simply unmatched. JP has always been willing to help and provide guidance without any hesitation. He has proven to be a leader and now it’s time to make it official! In his new role, JP will be overseeing the Strategic Technology segment of the Technology Department. His team will be focused on technologies that are specifically aligned to either the Revenue, Corporate, or Talent Pillar.

Congratulations JP! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“I am extremely excited for the official promotion of JP into leadership! Essentially since day one, JP expressed interest in getting into leadership. However, as the second employee in a new team he knew it would take a little time for the opportunity to arise. Therefore, JP focused on mastering his role, becoming a SME, and embracing the process. One of his first career goals on his goal sheet was to “embrace the ALKU culture”. JP did that by focusing on quality work, by always being willing to be a team player, and by having fun while doing it. JP is someone I trust, someone I can rely on, and someone I’m excited to see every day. It’s an honor to work with JP day in and day out and I am so excited that he’ll be officially on the management team! Congrats JP!” – Kyle Ketcham

“JP! Congratulations on your promotion to manager! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you these past few months and I have really enjoyed getting to know you better. You are someone that cares so much about making ALKU a better place and this shows in all that you have accomplished throughout your time here. Keeping up with the technology needs of a company like ALKU is nothing short of impossible. Somehow you have found a way to keep moving us forward. It certainly hasn’t been an easy path which no one on the outside would know. You are incredibly positive and have worked extremely hard to get to this point. Your ability to stay calm amid all the chaos is so important in your role and will continue to be helpful as you take on the task of managing others. Congratulations, I cannot wait to see you succeed as a manager!” – Kayla Morrison

“JP’s impact in his past 3 years with us can be seen and felt across ALKU. I think his biggest impact has been the shift in ALKU employee’s mindset around the adoption of new tech. It’s no secret that one of our biggest struggles as a company for a while was our ability to adapt to new and more efficient tools because it wasn’t the way we were used to doing things. JP has nailed down and established processes around demos, trying new products, feedback, and making decisions. JP has also created processes that display the ROI of products we have been using for years and make decisions on renewals 100x easier and saving us a ton of money as well. Anyone who’s met with JP knows how approachable he is. He is open to putting in effort to find solutions to our Recruiters and AM’s problems, even if the product might not exist. JP has also done an incredible job being proactive on tech solutions and not waiting for a clear issue to surface. He is consistently bringing up ideas and products to Directors and VPs to make us all more efficient. JP’s approachability, problem solving, and proactive mindset are going to be huge factors in his success as our Strategic Technology Manager. JP is going to play a huge role in our quest to become one of the most technologically advanced Staffing Companies in the country! Congratulations JP, I can’t wait to watch this group grow and see the impact you have on our success as a company!!” – Nick Vignone