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Julia Mungovan Promoted to Benefits Systems Manager

April 25, 2023


Julia started her ALKU career in September 2020 as a Recruiter. She then transitioned and joined the Benefits team as a Benefits Administrator. She slowly began helping in other areas, including communications and working closely with vendors and played an essential role in implementing Kronos.   

Recently, the Benefits team implemented Wellness at ALKU, and Julia was a crucial component in this project. She spent an incredible amount of time on this project and ensured everything was in place before rolling out this fantastic benefit to the company.   

Julia has gone above and beyond in training and developing the newest layer of ALKU’s Benefits team and has been a mentor and role model. She is always taking the opportunity to lead her team and has worn many hats within the Benefits team. She has always been adaptive and open-minded to where she can help further develop her team for the company’s overall success.   

Outside her day-to-day role, she is a member of ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® (HFWH) Committee, a leader of ALKU’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) State of Mind, a Notre Dame mentor, and she created the Wellness Committee.   

Julia will oversee all systems and administrative functions within the Benefits team in her new role. She will help to create, improve and maintain all processes. In addition, she will lead the analyst side of Benefits to ensure cost efficiency for the company and oversee the implementation of file feeds and changes within systems.   

Congratulations, Julia! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“From day one, I knew I’d eventually be writing this quote. To put it in simple terms, Julia is the type of person that just wants to be the best at what she does. It doesn’t matter what she has her hands on; her goal is to perfect it and to develop while doing it. Julia has worn so many hats within the Benefits team and has conquered each and every task put in front of her. She’s taken the opportunity to step up time and time again and has always exceeded expectations with her adaptiveness, work ethic, and open-mindedness. From early on, I’ve always been so impressed by Julia’s composure and confidence in the face of leadership opportunities, even if those included tackling sticky situations. She demands excellence from everyone around her, whether it’s those that she leads, her peers, or me as her leader. I’ve left conversations with Julia in pain from laughing so hard and then others in deep thought of what more I can be doing to be the best manager for her. Her willingness to challenge those around her is unmatched and has undoubtedly brought her and her team to where it is today. I couldn’t be happier to roll out this incredibly well-deserved promotion to you, Julia! You have grown into such a great leader, and I can’t wait to see the heights you continue to reach.  

To the fun fact queen, Fun fact: you’re a manager. Congrats!” – Senior Manager, Benefits, Danielle Ledoux  

JCMUNGO! Our fun fact queen. I am so excited about this opportunity for you. Since switching to Benefits a few years ago, you have made such an impact. You have done whatever was needed of you and done it with a smile on your face. Something I have always admired about Julia is her ability to ask for what she wants. She is not afraid to speak up or ask questions, even tough questions. The level of care that she brings to everything she does will make her a good manager. Also, unrelated but very important, Julia is your girl if you ever need a dog sitter! Congratulations on your promotion to Benefits Systems Manager! Cannot wait to watch you crush it! – Senior Director, Payroll, Personnel Services & Benefits, Kayla Morrison 

“This is an exciting promotion! Julia has worked her tail off to put herself in this position! One could easily refer to her as the slayer of process, the warrior of wellness, or the bailiwick of benefits. And now she officially gets to embark on being a lodestar of leadership! She has worn many hats within the Benefits team, always willing to help and work on whatever is best for ALKU and its employees. She was instrumental in expanding and bringing to life the ALKU wellness program. And in addition to being an SME in the administrative, systems, and analytics side of benefits, she has been a mentor to newer members of the Benefits team. She’s a well-rounded, trusted member of ALKU and will make a great addition to the ALKU Leadership team. Congrats Julia!!” – Senior Director, Technology, Kyle Ketcham