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Julia Scorese Promoted to Sales Manager, Data Privacy & Compliance

December 04, 2023


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Since beginning her ALKU career in September 2018, Julia has accomplished so much to be proud of. She started as an Epic Recruiter, where she put in the work and reached an incredible spread accomplishment in under nine months. She took the ultimate leap of faith when giving up her Epic book of business to start a new division. Thanks to her drive and passion for her work, she started the Data Privacy and Compliance division while managing and developing new and successful salespeople. As someone who truly leads by example, Julia has consistently led in front-end numbers, has been closing deals, and has grown the Privacy team to an impressive spread in under a year.

Outside her role, Julia goes out of her way to participate in all ALKU events, aiding our fundraising efforts and cultural significance. An active member of ALKU’s AWE Employee Resource Group, Julia is always a support system and friendly face for those around her. She has also participated in both fundraising and riding in MMP’s Rodman Ride for Kids. In this new role, Julia will manage the Data Privacy and Compliance team alongside Delaney Nalen. She will be responsible for managing and developing the sales team while continuing to grow her team’s spread. Congratulations, Julia! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“There are people who come into your life and truly change everything… Julia is one of those people. Even though we had known each other for years through UNH and being sisters (lol), I didn’t truly know Julia until she became our Epic Recruiting Intern in 2019. I remember seeing her in action – submitting candidates while she was in class, leaving said class early when ten Trinity jobs came out one day, and calling Dan Lyons off the hook, wondering why he wasn’t sending all her candidates. I particularly remember the day when she called me saying, “Hey… I have been calling Dan for hours to sell my candidates. I assume he is out of office, and that’s why he’s not answering?” We would all laugh about it, but deep down, we couldn’t help but be impressed by this intern who demanded people’s attention to be treated like a senior team member. A few months later, Jules started her full-time career, surpassing the high expectations we had for her, and I was immediately convinced of two things. 1. We needed her calling clients, and 2. she would have my job someday.

A new level was unlocked when we finally convinced Jules to switch to sales. She shot up in sales spread in under a year of being an Epic Account Manager and could have continued to grow her book of business there. Instead, she bet on herself by leaving the comfort of a group she loved and the high spread she held to start something new. She worked on the Cybersecurity team for a few months before officially starting the Data Privacy & Compliance group with Delaney. During a challenging year for a start-up, she fought tooth and nail to help grow it while managing and developing a new sales team. At this point, I am fully convinced that there is nothing Julia Scorese cannot do. Jules has never been scared to advocate for herself and ask hard questions, which is something I have always respected about her. She will keep you honest and will fight for what is right, even if it’s the more difficult path. In doing so, Julia pushes the people around her to be better. She carries this same exact mindset into Leadership; she isn’t afraid to deliver a difficult message or hit someone straight with feedback when she knows it will make that person better, and she will also follow it up by working relentlessly to create opportunities for those around her. If Julia asks for something to be done, she is always prepared to do it herself.

Julia – to say I am proud of you would be an understatement. I have looked at you as a leader for longer than you probably know, so seeing it become a reality feels so good. I am no gambler, but one bet I would put all my money on is your success having no limit. This is just the beginning. Congratulations, Sales Manager! ❤” – Senior Sales Manager, DISS, Shannen Ketenci


For those who do not know, Julia has been an Epic Recruiter, Epic Account Manager, Cyber Account Manager, Data Privacy and IT Compliance Account Manager, and is now the Data Privacy and IT Compliance Sales Manager. Julia’s role changes over the years have been followed with great financial success for herself and the group she is/was supporting. She truly is the safest person to bet on at ALKU. In Epic, Julia was one of the most talented Recruiters and became one of the most successful salespeople. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to start Data Privacy and IT Compliance with Julia, I knew financial success would follow. Julia grinds. She has higher expectations of herself than any other employee at this company. She is honest (to a fault). She is the person who will bring in revenue, close deals, and find big accounts. She has zero tolerance for people who do not grind with her. She would never ask someone to do something she would not do herself because she has done it ten times. She is the ultimate teammate because she always shows up and manages Greg and Jon the same way. She leads by example, not demand. She is in the weeds with Greg and Jon daily, learning from and advising them.

Data Privacy and IT Compliance has grown immensely this year– the financial success I assumed would follow Julia has come. We are not done yet, but I am so happy to see Julia’s hard work paying off financially and with her well-deserved promotion. Congrats, JULZ!”” – Recruiting Manager, Privacy & Compliance, Delaney Nalen

“Everything Julia embarks on, she succeeds at. She was one of the best Interns HCIT/DISS has had. She was immediately a strong Epic Recruiter. When we asked her to switch to account management, she became a force and a major driving factor in the growth of the Epic team in 2021 and 2022. She amassed a spread high and put herself in a position to be tasked with creating something new out of nothing. Over the last year or so, watching Julia (along with Delaney) build this Privacy division from scratch has been truly impressive. Doing a start-up is extremely hard; she walked away from a book of business that would have consistently paid her and bet on herself. There were times when the doubt, frustration, and desire for success were faster than they were coming, but one thing to know about Julia is that she is a ‘when,’ not an ‘if.’ I can’t think of a surer bet in staffing than betting on Julia Scorese to be successful eventually. It may not come as quickly as she internally would like, but trust – success will inevitably come for Julia and everyone that she works with. Every employee with the privilege to work closely with her is better off. She is one of those leaders who drags others around her up and inspires the best versions of her colleagues to come out. I’ve already seen Julia as Privacy’s sales leader, but it’s time to make it official! Congratulations, Julia, on your first promotion! This is still just the beginning!” – Sales Director, HCIT & DISS, Dan Lyons