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Kaitlyn Auen Promoted to Sales Manager, Government DCI

June 04, 2024


Kaitlyn started her ALKU career back in 2020 as a Gov ES Account Manager, where she quickly saw success and made her mark on those she collaborated with. In 2023, she made the difficult decision to transition from Gov ES to Gov DCI to help start a brand new group; she left behind a successful book of business to start this new venture, taking a risk that would eventually pay off. With the help of her counterpart, Lauren Baylor, the group spread was impressive when they first began. Under their leadership and continuous guidance, the group now has a spread high over double what it was at the beginning. Kaitlyn is a core driver of Government ES’ success; she has grown tremendously over the last few years into a confident, empathetic, and motivating leader who can positively influence her team no matter what’s thrown her way. 

Outside of her direct role, Kaitlyn’s passion for giving back and making a difference is evident. With her love for volunteering, she has participated in ALKU’s annual Best Kids 5K, several ALKU CRD events on campus, and multiple company VTO opportunities. She is also an active member of ALKU’s AWE Employee Resource Group, where she empowers women around her to be the best they can be within their roles. A true team player, Kaityn can always be found bringing her group together with team lunches, games, and outings to promote team building and community among her people. In her new role, Kaitlyn will be responsible for managing and developing the Account Managers in Gov DCI. She will be spearheading the revenue and personnel growth for her group alongside her counterpart, Lauren Baylor. Kaitlyn will be providing strategic direction and support to both the sales and recruiting teams while continuing to be a leader in the Gov Brand, offering guidance and support. 

Congratulations, Kaitlyn! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“I could not be happier, prouder, and more inspired to be congratulating you on your promotion, Kaitlyn!! When I first met Kaitlyn in 2020, she was in a different group, but you could see her work ethic a mile away. Despite the staffing ups and downs, she was always super diligent, head down, hit her numbers, and followed the process. Because of this, she his her goals and made herself the go-to Account Manager in her group. When she was tapped on the shoulder to start a new group, Gov DCI, she buckled down and did what needed to be done to help lead the group to success, which was lead from the front. DCI is an incredible success story – they started out behind budget in the first few months. They needed job orders and programs, and Kaitlyn wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and cold call with the rest of the team. This led her to breaking into building great relationships, breaking into accounts, and eventually closing deals like a well-oiled machine. Kaitlyn played a HUGE role in getting the group ahead of budget by the end of 2023.  

Coming into 2024, she has led all of Gov in deals (and is second in the company!), led the company in job orders, and she consistently comes into the week with send outs and offers. Kaitlyn is incredibly strong, persistent, diligent, gritty, and can overcome any challenge that comes her way. She is an incredible role model, she leads by example, and most importantly, she cares so much about her group and her people’s success. She is thoughtful, present, and willing to do whatever is needed to help her team and others around her. I know she will continue to inspire and lead the team, and I’m so excited to congratulate you on your Manager Era, Kaitlyn!!!” – Senior Sales Manager, Government, Maria Rose 

“Kaitlyn. Freaking. Auen. Congratulations times a million on your promotion to Gov DCI Sales Manager! Kaitlyn has always been a superstar Account Manager; she achieved a personal spread high when she was a Gov ES AM, and she jumped at the opportunity to spearhead a split and completely start over from scratch. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Kaitlyn is ‘OWNING IT.’ 

Kaitlyn has been the catalyst for growth, leading in job orders, send-outs, and deals. She is truly a leader that took her team’s success into her own hands and made it happen. Not only does Kaitlyn lead by example but she is highly respected and looked up to for guidance and support from both the recruiting and sales teams. Kaitlyn has worked with account managers who have contributed to the overall success of DCI and now has a small sales team that will be growing this summer. With Kaitlyn’s sales tact, motivation and leadership, I know the DCI sales team is going to do great things.  

Kaitlyn, I am so unbelievably proud of the confident, passionate, and attentive leader you have become. The level of commitment and dedication you have to your group is inspiring. The culture you have built within DCI is one that breeds success. I have been in awe of you this last year and I couldn’t be more excited to watch you grow and continue to reach new heights. Congrats again, girly! <3” -Senior Sales Director, Pharmaceutical & Government,  Tarah Lovato 

“‘Own it’ is ALKU’s theme this year, which makes me incredibly excited for this specific promotion – that is because no one has lived up to this theme more than Kaitlyn Auen this year on her way to Sales Manager. Kaitlyn started her ALKU journey by relocating to Virginia and joined the ES Sales team. She was able to prove that overcoming adversity, hard work, and belief in the ALKU process will always lead to success. When you combine that with a great attitude and drive for wanting to be the best leader possible, you have a ‘rockstar,’ as Matt Ovanes would say.  After seeing all the successes that came from the effort put into her ES Sales desk, and achieving a spread of high $86k, most people would want to ride out some of that success and confidence they have built. Kaitlyn, however, was craving more and was eager to tackle whatever was next. She was able to drive her own opportunity through growth at her own desk. This led the DCI split, where Kaitlyn had positioned herself to be person that was unquestionably ready for the challenge. Leaving her spread high and book of business behind, she began DCI in January 2023 when the split was made.  Without a massive Sales team around her, Kaitlyn didn’t waste any time feeling bad for herself.  Behind the BDMs, she is second in all of ALKU Sales in the deals department and her growth, as well as the growth she has had around her are why she is deserving of the Gov DCI Sales Manager title.  Congrats, Kaitlyn!  Thank you for putting the upmost care and effort into this place, day in and day out.  We are incredibly lucky to have a leader like you at ALKU.  Keep doing your thing down in Herndon and celebrate this one!  You deserve it.” – Vice President, Life Sciences & Government, David Esteves