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Kasey Hebert Promoted to Virtual Training Center Manager

April 06, 2022


Kasey Hebert started at ALKU as an intern in the Durham Training Center in June of 2018. She then started full-time as an Oracle and Kronos Recruiter in June of 2019. During this time, Kasey entered a group that was rebranding from Peoplesoft to Oracle and Kronos. She has experience recruiting on multiple markets and driving business through leads and relationships. Kasey has been pivotal throughout her ALKU career and continues to LVLUP every day!

Kasey leads by example and has helped to build the foundation of the Oracle Cloud group. She has a passion for showing people the process, developing relationships, and building a culture that values hard work, accountability, and having fun! She has a natural ability to make people feel excited and engaged. In addition, Kasey is involved in State of Mind, AWE, Intern mentorship, CRD Events, and so much more!

In her new role, Kasey will manage a Virtual Training Center. She will help teach and develop a new layer of ALKU interns. She will educate them on staffing, recruiting, the ALKU process, and how to Have Fun Working Hard™!

Congratulations, Kasey! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“KASEY!!!!!!!! There is not a more deserving person for this promotion than Kasey Hebert. When I first met Kasey – a few things became apparent: she has a strong intrinsic motivation, she cares deeply about her relationships, and she consistently puts others before herself. Kasey has been pivotal in Oracle Cloud’s growth from the start. When Oracle Cloud and Kronos split, she led by example in metrics and spread, showing newer recruiters the way, and building the foundation of our Oracle Cloud base. Kasey achieved an Oracle Cloud spread high while navigating a newer market, mentoring interns, consistently visiting UMass, JMU, Durham, helping with Intern Engagement, and running the ERP Recruiter Role Play. The NWO is going to miss her, but Kasey will do amazing things as VTC Manager. Every intern Kasey engages with is better and more excited about ALKU because of her. I cannot wait to watch your positive impact continue to be felt as you motivate, teach, and inspire the future of ALKU. Thank you, KASEY & CONGRATULATIONS!!!” – Liz Barker

“I am extremely proud and excited for Kasey Hebert to move into the Talent pillar! I started working with Kasey as an intern at UNH almost 4 years ago and I remember talking to managers about her right before the draft. I told them she was extremely competitive but soft spoken, a silent assassin. Every time we had a contest at UNH she won, no matter what it was. I told anyone who would listen if you draft her and she can find her voice she will be one of the best recruiters in your group. WOW, did she deliver. She found her voice and became a recruiter, helped start and drive in 2 different division (Kronos and Oracle) and ran our lead meetings and consistently was one of our go to people. Kasey making this transition to the Training Centers and now leading interns has got me in my feels (as the kids say, I think…). She is going to be an inspiring and hardworking leader for the training teams and this may be the only thing I am jealous of Lord Regan for. Congrats again Kasey you have earned this and so much more! I am looking forward to coming to you and asking about the next wave of new hires that ALKU is going to have from under your tutelage. CONGRATS and Beers on Kyra!” – Craig Cowen

“A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS are for the ONE AND ONLY, Kasey Hebert. I have had the pleasure of working with Kasey over the last couple years as an intern mentor and Futures member. She has always been positive, encouraging, and hardworking individual. Kasey has an extreme attention to detail and a passion for helping and teaching others. Her can-do attitude and upbeat personality make it easy to work with her in any setting. As an intern mentor, I would frequently receive feedback about how helpful and hands on Kasey was. Always going out of her way to support someone or make them feel welcome at ALKU. Kasey is caring, driven, and is willing to put others before herself. She has climbed the ranks to become a 40k recruiter and I know her drive will continue to propel her career here at ALKU. The TC squad is extremely excited to have Kasey join our team and I can’t wait to see how she absolutely dominates in her new role! CONGRATULATIONS KASEY!!!” – Andrew Regan