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Kasey Mize Promoted to Personnel Services Manager, Life Sciences

June 13, 2023


Kasey started her ALKU career in October 2021. Since day one, Kasey has strived to master her role as efficiently as possible, and she continues to pass that mindset along to new members of the Personnel Services team. Kasey seamlessly wears many hats throughout her day and pivots effortlessly from one task to another. Although she may be extremely busy, she continues to prioritize her team as they come first. Today, Kasey currently mentors four employees, runs their weekly one-on-ones, answers any and all questions they may have, and goes above and beyond to ensure that they are fully supported.  

Throughout her career, she has displayed dedication to her teams every day. For example, when she realized Recruiters and Account Managers were asking the same questions, she took it upon herself to create a FAQ sheet with all the necessary information for those to succeed. Additionally, when she realized there was a formal process missing, she did not hesitate to implement one. To this day, she has trained two new Personnel Services Coordinators and one Personnel Services Administrator.  

Outside of her daily role, Kasey is committed to attending consultant and client happy hours, participating in volunteer opportunities, and various Personnel Engagement events. Additionally, she has traveled to ALKU’s Training Centers, where she introduced herself to each intern.  

In her new role, Kasey will be responsible for managing the Personnel Services’ Life Science divisions! She will be managing a team of four while continuing to support Medical Device Clinical & Medical Affairs, Medical Device Software & Technology, and Medical Device Technical Engineering as their Personnel Services Coordinator! 

Congratulations, Kasey! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in your new role! 

“CONGRATS MISS KASEY MIZE! I’m so proud of the leader you’ve grown to be. You’ve accomplished so much within the past 1.5 years, and I think I can speak for everyone you work with when I say that we would truly be lost without you. You’ve added so much enthusiasm and positivity to the Personnel team. It’s hard to picture what life was like before you joined g-unit! You jumped in on day one, ready to grind, and haven’t slowed down since! 

The dedication you have towards your team is so evident in your day-to-day … I mean, what other team would agree to participate in a “JC-Penny” style photoshoot with matching outfits for their manager’s promotion gift?! (and yes, she does have a photo album full of their pictures in case anyone wants to see them!)” – Personnel Services Manager, Life Sciences & Enterprise Resource Planning, Georgia Murray 

“CONGRATULATIONS, KASEY! You can count yourself lucky if you’re someone who has had the pleasure of working closely with Kasey! She is someone who cares deeply– Cares about running an efficient desk, cares about the success of the company, and, most importantly, she cares about the development of the people around her. From day one, Kasey has shown us her potential to be a strong leader. She is someone who is always asking thoughtful questions and self-reflecting in order to be the best version of herself. She knows how to inspire a team, and I find myself constantly inspired by her energy and perspective on leadership. 

I am so happy for you and your team and cannot wait to see all your accomplishments to come!” – Director, Personnel Services, Anna Kochien 

“KASEY! CONGRATULATIONS! This promotion is so well deserved. Since the day you started 1.5 years ago, you have become such a key member of our Med Device family. I know I can speak for the Recruiters, Account Managers, AND Med Device consultants when I say we would all be LOST without you! There are very few things certain in staffing. However, one thing that is certain is that when Kasey says she will do something – she does it. No matter how busy she is or what pops up, we can always count on you. In just 1.5 years, you have not only accomplished learning a difficult (and often thankless job) but also trained a team beneath you. I have had the pleasure of not only watching you grow but also growing the careers of Haylie, Bailey, 

Jamie & Brendan have become so influential in the success of the brand. Congrats again, Kasey! Be ready for a million more congrats tomorrow in AWO!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device, Lauren Morse