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Katrina Kiely Promoted to Recruiting Manager, Pharmaceutical Quality

March 15, 2023


Katrina started at ALKU as an Intern and began her full-time career in May 2020. Upon day one, Katrina made a difference. 

Throughout her career, she has successfully grown every Recruiter under her since taking over Pharmaceutical Quality to new heights. In addition, she has helped grow the group as a whole.  Every day, Katrina successfully leads from the front and embodies what ALKU looks for in a manager.   

Katrina does an amazing job at keeping things light in the group but also keeping her team accountable. She demands excellence from her team and herself. She has made the transition from Medical Device QVC to Pharmaceutical Quality seamless  

In her new role, Katrina will continue to manage the Pharmaceutical Quality team, develop new and senior employees, and help to grow Pharmaceutical Quality to new heights.   

Congratulations, Katrina! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

“KAT! Boy, does this one feel good. Watching Kat grow over this past year since switching to Pharma has been an absolute pleasure. She has grown as a Recruiter and, more importantly, as a leader. Kat had tremendous success when she was a Med Device QVC Recruiter. Tremendous success actually may be an understatement. She helped grow the Med QVC division to new heights and achieved personal success. Impressive stuff, to say the least. When the opportunity came up to potentially switch brands and start over again, there were obviously impactful decisions she needed to make. But with everything Kat does, she takes a risk. She took a chance on herself and the team around her. She honestly took a risk with us as a leadership team, but she believed and worked extremely hard to succeed. What I admire most about Kat is her fierce personality to be the best – which also trickles down to her people. I still remember sitting down with her and vividly remember her telling me, “She can’t wait to take this team to the moon”. That was all I needed to hear. Fast forward 8 short months later, and Kat is now running this group seamlessly, confidently, and having fun. She has grown every Recruiter under her since taking over the group. This is such a well-deserved promotion, and I can’t thank Kat enough for taking this risk and making Pharma Quality the powerhouse group it is today, and I am so proud of you. Time for some high noons! Congrats Kat!!!” – Recruiting Director, Pharmaceutical, Nate Hoffman     

“Today is an exciting day! This promotion is not only very well-deserved but also represents one of our valued core principles, “Best Person for the Best Opportunity”. This is exactly what Kat was when she joined Pharma QVC as an absolute FORCE taking our Quality Recruiting team under her wing, flying UP & AWAY, and never looking back. She took a risk, walking away from a 3-year-long, SUCCESSFUL career in Med where she spent endless nights building relationships. I’ll never forget sitting down with her to discuss this leap into the unknown, and I had no doubt she was not only willing to take on the challenge of restarting, but she was going to execute it and make the decision of this promotion absolutely unanimous. She has dove right into her new role in Pharma Quality – rebuilding external relationships with an entirely new base and, even more importantly, seamlessly becoming an inspiration for her Recruiting team – leading by example and pushing each of her people’s potential (not to mention being the ‘hostess with the mostess’ for a few top-notch team outings). So today, CHEERS TO YOU, KAT! I think I speak for everyone on the Pharm when I say thank you for taking this risk, as our brand would not be the same without you!  

Looking forward to seeing how you continue to grow and lead as Pharma Quality Recruiting Manager!” – Senior Sales Manager, Pharmaceutical, Meghan McCarthy   

Kitty Kat! Huge congratulations on your promo to Pharma Quality Recruiting Manager! Kat’s leadership path is one of my favorite stories — her story is the epitome of sacrifice, dedication, and trust. As one of the most successful producers in Med Device, she took the leap of faith to move to Pharma and start over from scratch. It’s not easy to give up what you know and what’s safe, but Kat did exactly that. Within weeks, Kat had made her presence known in Pharma. She was excited to learn and integrate herself and determined to be an impactful leader. Kat has grown the Quality recruiting teams’ to new heights while dealing with adversity and challenges. With all the changes that Kat has experienced in the last year, she always has a smile and a positive attitude. Kat is described as relentless, supportive, encouraging, and the GOAT. The impact she has had on the Quality team is inspiring and impressive. I am so very happy for you, Kat! You are someone that I admire, and I couldn’t be happier that you landed in Pharma. Congrats again!” – Senior Sales Director, Pharmaceutical & Government, Tarah Lovato