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Kayla Gibbs Promoted to Senior Government Recruiting Manager

January 27, 2022


Kayla Gibbs started at ALKU in 2016 as an intern and quickly moved her way up to the ladder. When she joined ALKU’s Government team, she excelled since day one. From Intern, Recruiter, Senior Recruiter, and Recruiter Manager, Kayla has been an essential team member.

Kayla’s dedication, ambition, and hardworking attitude is cherished by everyone around her. She is a team leader, fierce competitor and consistent. Kayla has followed the ALKU process seamlessly and has landed great success. Her accomplishments reflect her excellence; ALKU recruiter of the year, key component in merging two groups into what is now Government IT, and so much more! In her new role, Kayla will oversee the entire Government Recruiting division. She will be responsible for developing leaders, creating and implementing new strategy, and generating new business units including startups and splits.

Congratulations Kayla! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“I am proud to announce that Kayla Gibbs has been promoted to Sr. Government Recruiting Manager. In every position she has held at ALKU she has excelled, and this promotion will be no different. Kayla’s career at ALKU started as an intern where she averaged over 200 dials a day for the entire internship. She holds nearly every individual recruiting record in ALKU Gov. Kayla is a fierce competitor and an extremely hard worker. She is smart, diligent, and compassionate and she is someone that people want to emulate. She always brings out the best in everyone she works with by having high standards, holding people to those standards, and helping employees become better employees and better people. She is someone that can get people to be their very best every day and want more for themselves. Kayla is always looking for ways to learn and be a better leader for her teams. I am so proud of what Kayla has accomplished. I feel very confident saying that she is only at the foothills of what lies ahead of her. Congratulations Kayla on this promotion, you’ve earned it!” -Nate Rose

“I couldn’t be more excited to congratulate Kayla on her promotion to Senior Gov Recruiting Manager!! Kayla is one of the most hard-working, dedicated, and ambitious individuals that I know. Kayla shows up every day, for herself and for her teams. She demands a level of excellence and accountability from everyone around her, including herself. She is the epitome of lead by example, show by doing, trailblazer. If you follow Kayla, it’s hard to not be successful. Kayla is always striving for more and constantly looking for ways to improve as a leader, make her teams more efficient and grow the Government brand. Anyone who has worked with Kayla will tell you that she is willing to do what it takes to be successful and grow potential new leaders for Gov. The Government teams are in the best possible hands. Congratulations again, Kayla! Excited to see where you take it in this new role.” -Tarah Lovato

“WOW! You’ve already accomplished so much! From Superstar Intern to Senior Recruiter, Recruiter of the Year WHILE being a Recruiting Manager, Most Accountable Manager 2021, and Best Zoomer….what CAN’T she do?? Kayla is the definition of hard work, consistency, and determination – do not get in her way!! Ever since being an intern, she has followed the ALKU processes to a TEE and has seen endless successes from all her efforts. She is a staple in the group and can always be pointed to as a role model of what to do and how to do it right. She’s always willing to go the extra mile and isn’t afraid to push anyone to be a better version of themselves. There is no surprise that her groups Gov Intel & Engineering and Gov IT hit multiple spread highs in 2021.  I’m lucky to work with you and so happy for you Kayla! Giving you the biggest congrats and exciting to see what goals you DEMOLISH in this new role!! Go celebrate with a chili cheese dog!” -Maria Rose