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Kaylee Sextro Promoted to Recruiting Development Manager

May 11, 2022


Kaylee started her ALKU career right after graduating college in June of 2014. She has since been not only excelling but absolutely dominating the staffing industry year after year. She has consistently been a top producer in the Cerner and Cerner Federal space. Over her nearly eight-year career with ALKU, she has remained consistent and been a rock to her team.

Kaylee is always adding to our Have Fun Working Hard™ culture at a level that is simply unmatched. She is a high performer, talented, hardworking, and incredibly driven. Outside of her role, she is an active member of the Employee Resource Group, AWE, the Green Team, has participated in the Falmouth Road Race, and consistently helps her team with planning and scheduling events.

In Kaylee’s new role, she will continue her recruiting efforts in Cerner and Cerner Federal. Additionally, she will bring her recruiting expertise to the Epic Division!

Congratulations, Kaylee! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Another year and ANOTHER PROMOTION!!!! Just seems like yesterday I was quoting your promotion to Senior Recruiter and now here we are again with the BIG-TIME promotion to Recruiting Development Manager!!!  I have been so lucky to get to spend the last nearly six years working with Kaylee. She has an amazing mix of being one of the most genuine people I know along with being one of the best producers I have ever seen in this industry. That statement is solidified by her consistent spread growth. In her new role, she will bring her outstanding attitude and work ethic, to fuel Epic’s fire, bringing her Recruiting expertise to another Division. Kaylee – I am so happy for you, I am so proud of you and honored to have had the pleasure working with you and seeing your growth. It has been tremendous to see all your success and excited to see even more success keep coming your way!!!” -Tim Lysaught

“Kaylee is special. It is really, tough to find someone as skilled, hard-working, and motivated as this girl is. When you first meet her, it’s her kindness, smile and energy that will stick out to you. When you get to know her, you find out how helpful, talented, and competitive she is. But when you recruit against her, you find out how tenacious, intelligent, and flat-out good she is at this job. This promotion to Recruiting Development Manager for Kaylee is so well-deserved and an awesome opportunity for one of ALKU’s best to show her level of talent for both Cerner and Epic. Congratulations to one of my favorite people (in life, not just here) and I cannot wait to see you find a high-level of success in this role.” -Tyler Bush

“Over the past 8 years of working with Kaylee she has been one of the best teammate and recruiter I have worked with. Since day one she has possessed the rare combination or being able to produce at an unbelieve level while maintaining some of the best relationships with her consultants (which is not easy with the projects we work on!). Kaylee’s positive attitude and work ethic has made everyone on our team better and I am excited to see the impact she will have for other groups in her new role. Congrats Kaylee on the well-deserved promotion!!!” -Bryan Hamilton