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Kristina Doucette Promoted to Recruiting Training Manager

November 10, 2022


Kristina started her ALKU career in 2019 as a Recruiter in the Medical Regulatory & Scientific division. She saw immediate success and became one of the top Recruiters in her division. Her recruiting expertise and knack for helping others led to her transitioning to the Talent Development team in May 2021. She has a top-notch record as a trainer and mentor.  

Kristina is your person when you think of Talent Development and the benchmark for a successful trainer. She has set the bar high for Recruiting Trainers and has helped grow the training and mentoring programs into what they are today. Kristina continues building some of the best relationships with both Recruiters and Managers. She commands excellence from her people and is always the first person to take charge. Kristina continues to lead by example, and people want to learn from her. She has been a consistent top-level contributor and difference-maker. She has helped countless Recruiters achieve significant levels of success.   

Kristina is a member and leader of ALKU’s Employee Resources Group, ALKU Women Empowered (AWE), and recently worked tirelessly on planning and executing the 2022 AWE Conference. She did a fantastic job, and the feedback received on her presentation was excellent. Additionally, Kristina is a member of another of ALKU’s Employee Resource Groups, State of Mind.   

In her new role, Kristina will be responsible for all full-time training and development programs related to recruiting. She will play a pivotal role in the continued success of recruiting mentorships and will work closely with Talent and Recruiting leaders to improve processes.   

“KD!!!! DEUCE!!!!! The day has come; congratulations! I cannot tell you how many other leaders have come up to me recently and asked, “When the hell are you going to promote Kristina?”. Here we are, and I couldn’t name a more deserving person than KD. She has created a brand for herself across the company as one of those leaders you know will help take this company to new heights. From crushing a recruiting desk in the Medical Regulatory & Scientific division to flourishing as a Recruiting Trainer, Kristina has excelled tremendously with whatever comes her way. She does so with ease, confidence, and fearlessness, which is admirable. Many top-notch recruiters at ALKU can say Kristina helped accelerate their successful careers. I couldn’t be more excited to see her thrive as a Recruiting Training Manager and all the good that is bound to follow. Congrats, KD!!!” -Dennis Kapsimalis  

“KRISTINA! KD! Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion!!! Kristina is arguably one of the most dedicated leaders at ALKU. The second Kristina joined the Talent pillar, she made an immediate positive impact. She has done an outstanding job assisting recruiters on how to improve and be as successful as they possibly can be. In fact – anyone Kristina has mentored since joining Talent has seen an average 95% spread increase! One thing I love about KD is her absolute passion & excitement to see others reach goals that they have been striving for. One of my favorite things about Kristina is her ability to build relationships with anyone across the company, no matter their group. She can command whatever room she is in and may be one of the funniest people I have ever met. Kristina has also been an amazing AWE leader; ALKU is so lucky to have her!! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, KD!” – Micaela Damiano 

“KD! Congratulations! As soon as you transitioned to Talent, you made an impact. You quickly understood what it would take to do your job well, and you’ve not only crushed that but also shown you can be a standout leader. You are dedicated to helping others improve and consistently excited to see others succeed. You’ve built an amazing reputation across the company as a dedicated trainer and mentor and have acquired a fan club of all people you’ve helped. Building relationships seem effortless, and you can work with a focus and sense of humor that makes each day enjoyable and productive. Talent and ALKU couldn’t be luckier to add you to the leadership team. Looking forward to seeing how you thrive in this next step. Have a hotdog to celebrate!” -Leah Bourdon