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Kyle Ketcham Promoted to Senior Director of Technology

September 29, 2022


Kyle started his ALKU career in 2018 and was the first technology hire. Kyle was immediately given two significant projects. He completed both projects successfully and made this completion look effortless. Kyle has since grown the technology team from a one-person team to a 20-person team which is still rapidly increasing.  

Kyle is at the forefront of many projects that have helped to advance ALKU’s technological footprint. Today, he continues to develop his employees and is viewed as a role model by the ALKrew. 

Since day one, Kyle has embodied ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture. He is constantly finding new ways to get involved. He actively participates in Volunteer Time Off (VTO) outings and company events and encourages the company to find ways to get involved by leading by example.   

As Senior Director of Technology, Kyle will continue to oversee technology. He will oversee all strategic directions of current and future technologies and the development of the technology group.  

Congratulations, Kyle! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“It is hard to imagine a perfect example of an ALKU employee than Kyle. He is hard-working, knowledgeable, and always there for his people and others while handling his everyday job. Since day 1, Kyle has been involved on the ground floor and handling the day-to-day technology. Over the last four years, he has built an organization that now allows him to focus on more strategic initiatives around technology. We want to become the most tech-enabled company in staffing, and I do not doubt that Kyle is the right person to lead us there. Thank you for all that you do, and congrats on your promotion!”-Jon Kujala  

“As many of you know, I have had the pleasure of working with Kyle at two companies, and in both those companies, I have seen a common theme that surrounds him.  Wherever Kyle works, he makes things better; that certainly has been the case here at ALKU.  I remember talking to Kyle right after he started, telling him he should be excited because he was going to have an immediate impact, and he sure did.  He became our Bullhorn guru and all-around go-to.  He immersed himself in many technology projects, taking charge of them and moving them forward.  He is the epitome of helpful, doing anything he can with a consistently positive attitude.  These are characteristics that make Kyle a beloved figure at ALKU.  These traits have also enabled Kyle to build a team that reflects its leader.  A go-to group that is always willing to help and one that performs at the highest level.  This promotion comes as no surprise and is very well deserved.  And many people will be happy to cheer him on when it’s announced.  Congratulations, Kyle!!!” -Marc Cirrone  

“The impact Kyle has had at ALKU during his four years has been incredible. Kyle was tasked with the challenge of coming in from the outside and building an entire Tech team to support a fast-growing organization that, historically at the time, was not the most responsive to change of any kind. Kyle dove headfirst into being 1 of 1 in our Technology Department and has since created and built a team of 20, including multiple teams with different specializations under him. He has created a solid leadership team within Technology that has continued to make us tech-enabled, making us 10x more efficient as a company. Kyle’s done some great things during his four years, but I view the fact that he finally got the entire company to think differently about Tech and be open to change as his greatest feat. Kyle’s approachability, collaborative nature, and openness to always hearing ideas (no matter how bad they may be) are why people love working with him! Congratulations on your promotion to Senior Director, and I’m excited to continue to witness you leading ALKU’s Journey to become the most technologically advanced staffing firm in the world!!!” -Nick Vignone