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Lauren Baylor Promoted to Recruiting Manager, Government DCI

November 29, 2023


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From interning at ALKU’s JMU Training Center to becoming a Manager of her own start-up, Lauren is an ALKU all-star. Thanks to her thoroughness and dedication, Lauren has been filling the role of DCI Recruiting Manager for the past ten months. She has led by example and created a motivating, collaborative, and overall fun culture for a new group finding their footing. Lauren is a go-to role model for both her team and everyone in the office. She not only carries an impressive personal spread high, but she has also grown a successful recruiting team. She embodies everything an ALKU manager should – she is empathetic and direct, leads from the front, and instills confidence that her team can look up to and learn from.

Someone always willing to accept a challenge, Lauren spearheaded a start-up with copartner, Government DCI Program Manager, Kaitlyn Auen, helping that group grow in their first. She has helped multiple recruiters grow in spread and has created a culture for her team that is infectious and that everyone wants to be a part of. Her hard work continues to pay off, as Lauren holds the record for fastest ALKU employee to $100K on the Recruiting side! Her passion extends outside her direct role, where Lauren has run and organized several volunteer and fundraising opportunities for her group. She is an active member of ALKU’s AWE ERG and has participated in some of ALKU’s most prominent fundraising events, including Best Kids and the Angel Tree Program.

In her new role, Lauren will be responsible for all recruiting efforts within the Government DCI division. She will be responsible for leading and growing the group of Recruiters and working alongside her partner to grow the group as a whole while implementing changes, initiatives, and goals for her group. She will also be responsible for the group’s budget and financial goals by helping lead from the front and spearhead efforts to close deals. Congratulations, Lauren! We are so excited to see all you accomplish in this new role!


JMU Intern, turned fastest Recruiter in ALKU history to break $100k, turned DCI Recruiting Manager!

This one should come as no surprise to anyone, and I’m sure some of you are saying “Wait, didn’t this already happen?!”

She is someone that everyone looks up to, from the high spread she carries to the easy-going, humble, and charming character she embodies. She is always smiling and happy, and when stressed – you wouldn’t even know it. She has the ability to stay calm, walk through creative solutions, and give feedback in a productive but direct manner. Her people love her and whenever Lauren talks, the entire group turns to listen. She has a confident and charming way of connecting to everyone and making everyone feel comfortable around her. She has created an environment of excellence by pushing herself and her team to meet high standards on a daily basis.

She is a Swiftie queen, travel connoisseur, and her team’s biggest cheerleader! I couldn’t be happier or prouder to officially announce that Lauren Baylor is now the DCI Recruiting Manager. Congrats to you, LB, and all your success and future success to come!” – Recruiting Director, Government, Kayla Jones

“Lauren Baylor, from being one of the first Harrisonburg Interns to the first Gov DCI Recruiting Manager! Since Lauren started as an Intern at JMU, she has always impressed the people around her. She is kind, hardworking, competitive, and intelligent. Lauren is one of the most determined people I’ve ever been around. If she sets some goal, not only will she accomplish that goal, but she’s likely going to set a whole new precedent. As a Recruiter, Lauren led the Gov brand in weekly submittals, causing the entire brand to increase the weekly metric. There is absolutely no doubt the GOV DCI is a force to be reckoned with under Lauren Baylor’s leadership. Congratulations, Lauren!” – Senior Recruiting Director, Government, Nate Rose

“Congrats, LB! So excited for you. You’ve come a long way… from the self-proclaimed “horrible Intern” to the fastest Recruiter to $100K; it’s been so fun to work alongside you and see you grow! Now, you’re running a growing startup as a Manager. I mean, you’re pretty much the Taylor Swift of staffing. Lauren is one of the most positive, consistent workers and always leads by example. As a division, we increased the bar for weekly submittals because Lauren constantly went above and beyond when she started and proved it was possible. We’ll see big things from the Government DCI group, with Mother Goose Lauren leading the charge. Welcome to your Manager era!!” – Senior Sales Manager Government, Maria Rose