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Lauren Husson Promoted to Marketing Manager, Communications & Events

May 21, 2024


After starting her ALKU career as Talent Marketing Coordinator in 2022, Lauren quickly proved her strengths in communications, building relationships, and event planning, eager to show she could handle more than one niche area. She is the perfect example of someone who will use her prior experiences to her advantage and continuous growth, allowing her to have a unique perspective on initiatives and keep her team as adaptable as possible. From day one, Lauren has come into ALKU and given 110% in her role; when the opportunity to oversee the Communications team came up, she eagerly took it and thrived. Without hesitation, she used her creativity and organization skills to create processes that made the group more efficient in orchestrating all company communication. When the opportunity to oversee Events came her way, Lauren again took on the challenge with a smile and positive attitude. Between asking questions to learn the ins and outs of a role that wasn’t familiar to her, to using her ability as a natural-born leader whenever she can, she is only a few short months into her position while you would think she’s been doing it for years. As someone who always goes above and beyond to be the best she can be, Lauren is not afraid to question traditional processes, always sharing her opinions and being a strong role model to those around her.

Over the last two years, everyone who has worked with Lauren has had many incredible things to say about her. She has quickly become the go-to Marketing person for all questions and concerns; even if they don’t directly pertain to her role, she enthusiastically welcomes all feedback while communicating with her team members. She is able to create a genuine connection with every single individual she collaborates with, always putting her best foot forward and extending her hand to help. With her dedication, empathy, and passion for her role, she can thrive in any situation presented to her. In her new role, Lauren will continue to oversee the Communication and Events teams. She will work closely with the Marketing Leadership team to strategize ways to keep the Marketing team efficient and collaborative while continuing to be the main point of contact for company communication at the Leadership level. Congratulations, Lauren! We are so excited to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“I truly don’t know what I would do without Lauren Husson. Over the past two years, she has quickly become my right-hand gal, someone I can always count on, and a friend. From the first day she started, she has made such a big impact within the Marketing team; she isn’t afraid to ask the questions that everyone else is thinking, to speak up and state her opinion, and to make changes to processes that we have in place just because ‘we have always done it that way.’ She is truly a breath of fresh air in the Marketing team and beyond. Lauren has taken every challenge we have thrown her way and has accomplished it and then some, all with a smile on her face. You can tell how well-liked, approachable, and accountable she has positioned herself by the way her team interacts with her and speaks about her.

I am SO proud of all you have accomplished, Lauren, and I know that this is the first of many promotions at ALKU! ALKU is SO lucky to have you! Congratulations!” – Senior Manager, Marketing, Maddie Eldridge

“The number of times the phrase ‘Lauren is great’ has come out of my mouth since she started in her role is countless. Those words have always been met with ‘I know’ – no matter who I’m talking to. Lauren began her journey at ALKU diving into the Talent world and figuring out where our pillar could use dedicated Marketing support. From day one, Lauren has brought a positive attitude, important sense of diligence, communication, and fun collaboration to Marketing’s partnership with Talent Acquisition. She appreciates outside-of-the-box ideas while ensuring we stay grounded and realistic. Her ability to operate efficiently while having both teams’ best interests in mind is her strong suit, and it will serve her well as she fully transitions into ALKU Leadership. Congratulations, HUSTLIN’ HUSSON! TA loves working with you!” – Director, Talent Acquisition, Marissa Meyer

“Lauren’s positive energy and commitment to hard work have made her such a great fit at ALKU since the day she started. Leading the Communication and Events teams requires attention to detail, knowledge of the ALKU brand and voice, and a focus on maintaining company culture. Lauren embodies all of this and more, we couldn’t be luckier to have her in this role. Congrats, Lauren!” – Vice President, People Operations, Lauren Pacella