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Lauren Morse Promoted to Director, Medical Device Recruiting

January 09, 2024


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Since starting as a Recruiter in 2017, Lauren has been a huge asset to the growth of the Medical Device Brand. Described as irreplaceable, she is incredibly talented in building leaders and growing a successful group from the bottom up. Throughout her time at ALKU, Lauren has stepped in multiple times to help her brand launch new and now thriving groups. Always motivating those around her, she is a role model for aspiring female leaders due to her strong-willed, confident, and approachable leadership style. Lauren embodies everything ALKU looks for in a Director; she knows exactly what the business needs and when we need it.

As someone always willing to lend a helping hand, Lauren’s contribution to culture comes from her care and passion for her employees. She always ensures her team is having fun and seeing success rather than worrying about herself. A key component of ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture, Lauren goes above and beyond when looking after the employees’ mental and physical well-being while encouraging them to take advantage of ALKU’s Employee Resource Group support and participate in company-wide events. With her optimism and passion for helping others, she is always an approachable face for the rest of the company at all times, never shying away from the opportunity to make a difference. In her new role, Lauren will oversee the growth and direction of the Medical Device brand. She will be responsible for developing new leaders, driving Revenue growth, and identifying new opportunities and strategic decisions for the brand moving forward. Congratulations, Lauren! We are so excited to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Lauren, this has been an inevitable promotion for quite some time, but here it is, and you’re perfect for the job. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that you’ve been here almost seven years now and you are still growing and learning. You bring so much to the table, and no longer is that just for the divisions that oversee; that’s for the entire brand. Everyone in Med looks up to you and wants to hear what you have to say. You care about the entire business, and you see the potential of where the brand can go. You have dedicated so much of yourself to this place, still forgetting to smell the roses, but all along the way growing something so successful. So, thank you for passing on such great knowledge and wisdom and making ALKU a better place. I certainly don’t know what I’d do without you, and I know many others feel the exact same way. You’re an amazing addition to the Director group. Being a Director means being forward-thinking and strategic for the company, and you’ve shown you are more than ready for that. Congratulations to my rock star, I’m so proud.” – Senior Recruiting Director, Medical Device, Patty Phillips

“Lauren Morse – AKA “LM”… CONGRATS!!!! This is an exciting promotion; I remember your first day at ALKU; timid and shy but a person with tons of self-motivation and eager to learn. Over the last six and a half years, you have blossomed into a kick-ass leader. Strong, strategic, fearless, and urgent. Anytime, I see people in Medical Device strategizing, if I see Lauren Morse in the room, I know we’re good. What you have accomplished in your career is tremendous. Your resume is stacked from running start-ups in Med TE&V, MedSci, and Med ST… you have built these groups from $0 to hundreds of thousands combined in weekly spread. None of this is possible without you leading from the front. All your employees look up to you, you make the job look effortless and fun… people in Med want to be a Recruiting leader because of Lauren Morse. The Director promotion is a big one, but in my book, you have been operating as a Director for quite some time. This move will strategically help Medical Device continue to grow here at ALKU. Under Lauren’s leadership, the future of Medical Device Recruiting is in good hands. Congrats Lauren, well deserved!” – Senior Sales Director, Medical Device, Bob Cordaro

“Congratulations, Director Morse, on your well-deserved promotion! This achievement has been a long time coming and you have consistently proven yourself to be an unstoppable force since joining ALKU. Your skills as a recruiter were exceptional, but you have also demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities by successfully building a team of accomplished leaders. Without any inherited resources, you have consistently developed recruiters, leaders, and entire divisions from scratch. Taking on the challenging task of launching three new divisions within the company, you have faced every obstacle with resilience and yet the most infectious smile on your face. Your selflessness, poise, and unwavering passion have made you an incredible role model for all at ALKU. Your words hold great weight, and we eagerly anticipate hearing your insights in future Director meetings. Thank you for all that you do in Med, don’t know what we would do without you!! I am so proud of you, Lauren. Congratulations, once again!” – Sales Director, Medical Device, Kristina Kent