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Lauren Morse Promoted to Senior Medical Device Recruiting Manager

February 22, 2022


Lauren Morse started her ALKU career in 2017 and continues to raise the bar for the Medical Device team. Lauren has been a key component of ALKU’s success and continues to go above and beyond every day!

Lauren redefines the word excellence as she continues to specialize and grow the Medical Device brand and pushes to achieve bigger and better goals. One of her top talents includes her ability to ensure her team is balancing hard work and fun. She is dedicated to her employees and her work ethic is simply unmatched! Lauren is an amazing leader and mentor to all.

In Lauren’s new role as the Senior Medical Device Recruiting Manager, she will oversee the growth and direction of the Medical Device teams. In addition, she will be responsible for the continued growth, developing new leaders, and identifying new opportunities within the Medical Device world.

Congratulations Lauren! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Another year, another Lauren success story! Lauren continues to out-do herself, and not many people can say that. Five years ago, she was an intern drafted to our Medical Device team that is now divided into four. Five years ago, she was still finding the confidence and the spunk that makes Lauren herself. Look at her now! She is one of the most accountable managers we have at ALKU. That energy and attentiveness she puts into her work and her team are directly correlated. Not only just huge spread growth, but pure happiness that embodies each employee. These team members are truly happy to come to work, in the office, and work under her. She is respected, loved, and looked at as a role model. Bottom line, she is a rock star!

Lauren, the word proud doesn’t even begin to describe it. Clearly you can tell, I’m forever your biggest fan. This is just a pit stop in a long successful career. Keep bringing that energy and drive as we all love being around it. Congratulations on Senior Manager!” -Patricia Blanchard

“Lauren Morse! What an amazing accomplishment. I don’t say this lightly, but Lauren is one of the most well-rounded managers we have in the entire company. Her people adore her, yet she still finds a way to hold everyone accountable. She constantly leads by example and teaches the ALKU process to a tee. She is the type of manager where I know if she is involved, we are in good hands. She has led two critical startups for the Medical Device brand. Lauren has grown Med TE into one of the premier groups in the company. Now she is already leading our newest start up ST to success! Lauren will continue to excel in this role working as a Senior Leader focusing on strategy and developing future leaders. I know she isn’t done yet and I look forward to seeing her continue to develop her career at ALKU. Congrats Lauren, very proud!” -Bob Cordaro

“When you think of Medical Device, you think of a WHOLE bunch of great people. However, Lauren Morse stands out from the crowd.  From the day Lauren started, she approached this job with determination and tact.  She is someone who has never stopped wanting to learn more and grow not only herself, but her people. When Med needed someone to step up to the plate from a recruiting standpoint for a new division, Lauren was the obvious choice.  She approached that in typical Lauren Morse fashion, making TE one of the fastest growing splits ALKU has ever seen. So fast, that they were ready to split again in the blink of an eye. Lauren was able to transfer her ability to grow a group herself (with Zach), to growing her people, to now growing new future leaders.  She has mentored new recruiters and future managers to remarkable spread highs, and you would never guess that TE and S&T are as “young” of a division as they are.  Her devotion to her people is second to none. She makes decisions that are smart, well thought out, and well communicated without losing an ounce of urgency. Lauren – I’m excited and so happy for you to receive such a well-deserved promotion. It is scary to think that you are just getting started. Thanks for all you do, all the time. Congrats, again.”  -Dave Esteves