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Libby Carne Promoted to Manager, Major Accounts

August 07, 2023


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Since she started in 2019 as a Billing Administrator, Libby has been an invaluable asset to the Billing and Client Services teams. There has never been a challenge or opportunity brought her way that Libby didn’t jump right into, and the world of Major Accounts is no exception. She has built countless processes around ALKU’s largest clients, allowing her team to be as efficient as possible when invoicing a small population that makes up almost 20% of the company’s overall revenue. Libby’s ability to build relationships with ALKU’s clients, Recruiters, Account Managers, and other Corporate teams has allowed a relatively new team to run as efficiently as a group that has been here since the very beginning. Throughout her career journey, Libby has grown to display excellent leadership qualities: she’s a communication expert and problem solver with incredible attention to detail and accountability. Libby is the glue that keeps Billing and Client Services together, and to say this promotion is anything less than well-deserved would be a massive understatement.

An essential member of her team, Libby is someone who makes her presence known wherever she is. She has worked with teams in all ALKU offices throughout her career, connecting with them seamlessly and consistently; you would have no idea she didn’t sit one desk away from the relationships she has developed. Thanks to her friendliness, dedication, and desire to help those around her, ALKU’s Billing and Client Services department has become a flourishing success that shows no sign of slowing down. In Libby’s new role, she will be responsible for identifying new clients that fall into the Major Accounts portfolio and growing a team that can continue to support the intricate processes required to ensure ALKU can collect revenue efficiently and on time.

Congratulations, Libby! We are so excited to see what you accomplish in this new role!

“Congrats, Libby, the day has finally come! The cliché of ‘hasn’t she been a Manager forever?’ couldn’t ring more true for Libby. There is no client issue that is too complex for her to take ownership of and see through to resolution. There is rarely a ‘simple’ solution in the Major Accounts world, and Libby takes that in stride. Her ability to see the bigger picture and know exactly where the dominoes will fall is unmatched, and I think I can speak for many groups in saying that it is appreciated more than can be put into words. The Major Accounts team is in great hands, and I can’t wait to see where you take it next!” – Director, Client Services, Zachary Stevens

“Libby!! This has been a long time coming. From the day you started at ALKU, I knew you were destined to become a leader. You take any task, project, or issue with a grain of salt and proceed to crush everything. You’ve always wanted to grow within your role and continue to learn to better yourself and the teams around you. There was no hesitation that I would ever think you would struggle being a remote employee and honestly, I think you’ve become a stronger employee. You continue to make strong connections with revenue, corporate, and our clients, and no problem is ever left unsolved. Every time Libby comes into Andover, everyone’s face lights up, and they’re excited to see her; that’s a special type of person for people to have that reaction. When I handed off Worksense to Libby, I knew it’d be in good hands, and the process only got better. When Zach rolled out the idea of the Major Accounts team, it was obvious there was only one person that deserved to be the leader of that team, and it was Libby. Libs, I am so so excited for you, and you’ve already made Major Accounts a powerhouse. I am excited to continue to watch your team, and you grow. Thank you for all you do!” – Billing Manager, Kelsey Smith

“Libby!!! Major Accounts Manager has a nice ring to it! I am so happy for you; I know how hard you’ve worked for this opportunity. You have been a staple in Med, supporting us through so many highs and lows with some of our major accounts. You always keep us accountable and organized, and we are extremely thankful for you. Just taking over one of our largest platforms, you oversaw invoicing for $46 million, and that’s not an easy job! Not only do we love working with you internally, but our clients also speak highly of you, and we trust you to put you in front of anyone regardless of title or company size. It feels like you have had this title for a while now, and it’s a testament to you and how well you’ve been doing your job. You are a great role model to your team and an absolute joy to work with. Thank you for putting up with us and our clients!! Congrats on this WELL-DESERVED promotion!!!!” – Sales Director, Medical Device, Kristina Kent