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Lisa Liberty Promoted to Senior Kronos & UKG Pro Recruiting Manager

October 24, 2022


Lisa started her ALKU career in June 2017 and has been leveling up daily. Throughout her time with ALKU, she has developed countless recruiters and recruiting leaders. She even helped to come up with the UKG Pro split that occurred this year.   

Previously, Lisa was a phenomenal Kronos Recruiting Manager. To name a few fantastic accomplishments, she helped to form the UKG Pro group. She also takes responsibility and runs the recruiter meetings and is on the Morning Workout Committee.   

Lisa is constantly making work a safe place for all employees. She keeps the energy high and even implemented the fantastic idea of a spread jar for spread highs.   

In her new role, she will be responsible for developing more recruiting leaders and creating opportunities for her team.  

Congratulations Lisa! We can’t wait to see your accomplishments in this new role!  

“LISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! This promotion is so well deserved, and it’s crazy how you have been imprimpressed your SAP intern days to becoming the Kronos Recruiting Manager and now Senior Manager!! In not even one year working together, you helped Kronos double in size on the spread report, developed countless recruiters/recruiting leaders, and helped the group come up with a super successful split. You always have your people’s back and continuously try to develop ideas to create opportunities for them. It’s these reasons why this promotion is so well-deserved and the beginning of much more to come!!!!” -Daniel Alberico  

“Lisa! Congratulations on your SENIOR promo!! I remember closing deals together in SAP in your intern days, and now you are a SENIOR manager!! I am so glad we’ve gotten to work together more closely over the last year. Lisa has developed some of the best recruiters in BizApps, ERP, and ALKU and is developing some talented managers. Lisa is someone that is consistently thinking outside the box to better her groups and grow her teams. She and Bri have created a culture of hard-working employees who genuinely want to work hard every day. In the last few months, the two teams they oversee and manage have hit goals we didn’t even imagine. Congrats, Lisa!!” -Erin McCormick  

“Lisa!!!! About two years ago, you officially became the Kronos Recruiting Manager, and it is no surprise that we are here again with yet another promotion! You continue to impress me daily with your dedication to making everyone you work with the best possible versions of themselves. The way you have built trust with all of your employees is admirable, and it is clear that everyone you work with knows you have their best interest in mind and will do anything to make sure they succeed. Lisa & Bri did an incredible job strategically diving into the UKG Pro space and knew that this was a division that fits ALKU’s business model, which opened up an opportunity for their next layer of leadership to take on more. I am so excited to see where you take Kronos & UKG Pro, as this is only the beginning!! Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion to Senior Kronos & UKG Pro Recruiting Manager promotion!!!!” -Micaela Damiano