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Liz Barker Promoted to Senior Recruiting Manager, Oracle & Infor

June 15, 2023


Liz began her ALKU career in June 2017 and has continued to go above and beyond ever since. She has been resilient and open to all opportunities and challenges that she has faced along the way. She has been responsible for overseeing both Oracle Cloud and Infor and is such a vital piece of the group’s growth and employee development. She has developed exceptional future leaders who will help to bring both groups to the next level.  

Outside her day-to-day role, she is a Corporate Ally and embodies ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture. Additionally, she is a mentor to countless employees who are on the path to becoming future leaders at ALKU.  

In her new role, she will oversee the Oracle & Infor groups and leaders. She will contribute to the growth and development of all employees while discovering and planning new areas of business. She will create and implement strategy while collaborating with other leaders on company initiatives.  

Congratulations, Liz! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“Liz B! Big day for the future of ERP as Liz Barker is officially promoted to Senior Recruiting Manager of Oracle & Infor! Liz has had a somewhat nontraditional “path” to Senior Manager. Starting as a Rockstar Recruiter in Workday, taking a chance and jumping at the opportunity to take on a startup, and helping to make Oracle Cloud what it is today, to jumping back into the startup world with the hard-charging and future powerhouse division INFOR. Throughout her entirety at ALKU, Liz has operated with unparalleled attention to detail, fierce advocacy for her employees, and great pride in the groups she supports. Those characteristics are so evident in the employees and leaders Liz has developed. Liz and her people all hold themselves to a high standard and know how to make it fun for themselves and everyone around them. If you hear a loud bang as this comes out, don’t worry, it’s probably one of her employees running through a brick wall for her. So cheers to high standards, cheers to keeping it fun, and CONGRATS, Liz, on your promotion to Senior Manager! You did it. More to come!” – Recruiting Director, Enterprise Solutions, John Bull 

“LIZ! The day is finally here! Big congratulations on officially becoming the Senior Manager of Oracle & Infor! Since day one, Liz has consistently shown her passion & dedication to ALKU. The second she took over Oracle, she made an immediate positive impact. During Liz’s Oracle journey, she has developed some rockstar employees – three Future’s employees and two road mappers well on their way to management! Liz has done an outstanding job paving the careers for her people and played a huge role in the decision to launch Enterprise’s newest successful start-up group Infor! Liz has been a prime example of trusting the process and has done a phenomenal job instilling this into her people as they follow her lead! Congratulations again, Liz. I can’t wait to see where you take Oracle & Infor!! You’ve done it! – Senior Recruiting Director, ERP, Micaela Damiano 

“LIZ, Lizard, Oracles Cat Lady! From SNOW to NWO to SENIOR MANAGER! A lot of ALKU success stories revolve around the two P’s, Personnel and Perseverance. Personnel- What type of Leader will you be and create. Liz came into the Oracle Cloud group when we were just getting started. She brought this unproven Recruiter, Alex Reyno, who was with her in ServiceNow and worked hard but hadn’t had the right opportunity yet. She also had this new hire Kyra Anderson who was loud and obnoxious but had a ton of potential. Lastly, she had this Intern, Emily Finney, who was working like crazy from her dungeon attic while at Merrimack. Welp, all 3 of those people I would start a brand with tomorrow, and they were all trained, molded, and, unfortunately, sound just like Liz except for Kyra. Kyra always just sounds like Kyra. Perseverance- If you have ever been involved in a start-up at ALKU, then you will understand that in the ALKU Encyclopedia, if you look up perseverance, you will see a picture of Liz. Most people in ALKU are lucky enough to be involved with just one start-up and all the work it takes to get it off the floor. Liz has now done three. Liz, you have created great teams, built great leaders, and are building a great brand at ALKU. This is just another stop on your journey, and I look forward to watching you take these young groups and leaders and make them into the foundational pillars of ALKU. On a side note, we need more Cat people at ALKU, and I am sure you will help bring in this new wave. CONGRATS I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! Beers on, Sam!” – Sales Director, Enterprise Solutions, Craig Cowen