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Logan Blake Promoted to Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device

June 29, 2023


Logan started his ALKU career as an Intern at the Durham Training Center and began his full-time career in June 2018, where he has continued to go above and beyond every day to be the best he can be and push others to do the same! Logan is the perfect example of what ALKU looks for in a Senior Recruiting Manager, as he is engaged with all of his employees and managers while constantly challenging them to push themselves to improve. He has been the backbone of his group and has developed two incredible leaders who oversee Medical Device Regulatory Affairs and Medical Device Clinical & Medical Affairs.  

Throughout his career, Logan has completed countless impressive accomplishments. For example, he started in Regulatory and Scientific when there were only a few people within the team. He then went on to grow Medical Device Regulatory Affairs and Medical Device Clinical & Medical Affairs and was promoted in 2021. 

Outside of his day-to-day role, he has participated in Quarterly Updates, attended numerous ALKU events, participated in volunteer opportunities, and always brings a positive attitude and energy to work every day.  

In his new role, Logan will be responsible for overseeing the Medical Device Regulatory Affairs and Medical Device Clinical & Medical Affairs teams. Logan will be able to provide more strategic oversight to both of the teams moving forward and will continue to bring his teams to new levels of success. 

Congratulations, Logan! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“Congratulations, my man! It has been so awesome to see how you have grown in this role over the few years. You have always been a Medical Device staple from the early days of RegSci. And you do it all with a smile on your face every day. You show up to work and always put your best foot forward. 

I was fortunate to begin working with you closely a few years back, and you have such a great approach to this job. Always put your people’s success at the forefront and create a fun, motivating environment for people to thrive. You have done an amazing job with all challenges that have been presented to you, and I am excited to see where you can take Med CA and RA over the next few years. All promotions are well deserved, but what you have been able to accomplish over the years… This one is SO well-earned. Congrats Logan!” – Senior Recruiting Manager, Medical Device, Alex Parenteau 

“What a promotion we have here! Talk about a dedicated, engaged, and happy employee. I started working with Logan three years ago, and it’s been such an honor to work with someone who consistently proves how loyal he is to his position. Every single day Logan has shown me that he isn’t afraid to put in the effort, he isn’t afraid to push himself, and he isn’t afraid to lead by example. I have enjoyed every moment of having Logan on the Med Leadership team. Aside from being such a rock star of a leader, he has such a contagious happy energy. You can’t help but smile while walking away from a conversation with Logan, and that’s special. We are so excited to see how far these teams go and even more excited to see how far Logan goes!   

Logan, I’m so proud of you. Thank you for being such a rock for Med. You’ve come so far, and your effort never goes unnoticed. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIOR MANAGER LOGEY!” – Senior Recruiting Director, Medical Device, Patricia Phillips 

“You are probably all thinking, isn’t Logan a Sr. Manager already!? A perfect example of someone who is exceeding expectations. There are countless examples of Logan’s leadership, highlighted by his numerous accomplishments over the past few years. After being the first hire in RS, he became an extremely successful recruiter, breaking countless records. Logan was instrumental in his effort to split Med RS into Med CA and Med RA and created a monumental impact while developing strong future leaders. Adapting to change and handling a heavy workload can often have a negative impact, but Logan continued to lead by example. Since he was promoted to Recruiting Manager, his two groups have succeeded, and they have no signs of slowing down! Logan is one of the most hard-working leaders at ALKU but also brings an extremely infectious personality to the office. He’s one of the most caring, genuine, selfless leaders we could ask for. Selfless, almost to a fault! He continues to take feedback and implement it into his work. He truly strives every single day to be the best version of himself. We are beyond lucky to have you in Med Logan! Congrats, bud!” – Sales Director, Medical Device, Kristina Kent