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Marissa Meyer Promoted to Director of Talent Acquisition

June 01, 2022


Marissa started as an ALKU revenue intern and transitioned over to Talent Acquisition. She started the Talent pillar as a team of one completely starting from scratch. She has done an amazing job creating the Talent Acquisition powerhouse that ALKU has today. From Internal Recruiting to College Relationship Development, Marissa has developed it all and continues to provide new and exciting ideas to engage future employees.

Marissa has worked incredibly hard and focused on being a partner with the Revenue, Corporate, and Talent teams to provide the best hiring pipeline and full time hires possible. She keeps an immaculate pulse on ALKU’s hiring needs and does an amazing job expanding relationships and outreach.

Marissa embodies the Having Fun Working Hard™ culture every day. You can always find her either rolling out a new contest for her team, participating in Volunteer Time Off, hyping up a new program or introducing herself to new members of the ALKrew. Marissa is a true friend to all.

In her new role, Marissa will continue to oversee the internal hiring strategy for ALKU. This includes all full time Revenue, Corporate, and Talent hires as well as hiring interns to fill ALKU’s six Training Centers. She will continue to expand on developing relationships and partnerships with colleges and universities. Additionally, this includes the development and vision for the newest program focused on Military outreach.

Congratulations, Marissa! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Congratulations Director!!! Marissa, I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. From working with you as an intern to seeing you now; you have always been impressive, but you have truly built something amazing. For you this promotion has truly come from the ground up and is so well deserved. You created a department of one, you explored new ideas (and they worked), you have trained and developed amazing team members and leaders, you have been on the road selling the opportunity that is ALKU for 7+ years, getting lost in West Virginia down dirt roads without cell service late at night, and coordinating multiple school sales competitions. You are somebody who cares so much for every person on your team, cheers loudly for others and is consistently asking for feedback on how you can improve. Talent Acquisition is at the heart of ALKU’s growth, and we are lucky to have you focused on the future. #HereWeGrow” – Leah Bourdon

“You can’t think of TA or now Internal Recruiting at ALKU without thinking of Marissa Meyer! She came in as our first Internal Recruiter and then over the last 8 years has turned Internal Recruiting/CRD into a powerhouse that hires over 160 FT employees a year and an additional 200+ interns per year. Marissa has always been one of the biggest advocates for ALKU’s growth and in the early years of her career, you weren’t getting hired at ALKU unless Marissa set you up for an interview! Marissa has always run towards the challenges that come along with hiring and no matter how big and intimidating the hiring number each year was, she would always react with a smile and a #HereWeGrow. She took our interview process from a folder with a yes/no check box on it to the processes we have in place now, including developing a funnel for internal candidates with some of the most well-known Universities and Colleges in the country through CRD. When you look around the offices and see we’ve run out of seats, or we’re moving to a new space, or that there are so many new people that you’re struggling to know names, and especially when company spread hits a new high and ALKU revenue hits a new milestone- you are seeing the Marissa Meyer effect!! Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion to Director!!! I can’t wait to see how big you and your teams can grow this place!!! #HEREWEGROW” -Nick Vignone

“Marissa had one of the hardest assignments out of anyone in this company, taking over for the CEO as our internal recruiter. From day 1 in this job, it was obvious she was the right person. She worked incredibly hard at learning the role, developing it, and building TA into the powerhouse group it is today. She laid the foundation to allow us to be able to hire as many people as we have. Not only Full-Time employees, but also interns. Her teams have developed a pipeline that has allowed us to grow the way we have. Our future hinges on her team’s ability to find top talent, and I can say that I have no doubt they will continue to be successful. Thank you for all that you do Marissa and congrats on your promotion!” – Jon Kujala