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Matt Crawford has been promoted to Recruiting Development Manager

May 26, 2022


Matt started his ALKU career in 2018 after completing several internships while he attended University of New Hampshire. After every year that has gone by, he has become even more confident and talented. Matt is incredibly dedicated to his job, displays passion for his business, and takes pride in his ability to find talent. Medical Device Quality, Validation, and Compliance has always relied on Matt’s hard work and knowledge in the ALKU process. If there is a goal established, there is no doubt that he will be ale to complete it effortlessly.

Matt is described as fun, prideful, diligent, and exceptionally smart. While at ALKU, he has traveled to our various full-time offices to help both full-time employees and interns. He is constantly involved with shadowing new recruiters to establish best practices. Matt always brings a positive attitude with him every day and continues to lead by example to those around him.

In his new role, Matt will be a part of strategic decisions made for Medical Device recruiting and will continue to be a go to person when the leaders need assistance. He will be called upon when activity is high, and we need another set of hands. Matt will actively seek out marketplace information for the Medical Device teams and continue to be a leader to all of those around him.

Congratulations, Matt! We can’t wait to see all that you accomplish in this new role!

“Boy have you come a long way, Matt Crawford. It’s been such a privilege watching your career shoot further and further upwards. From day one, there was always a little something special in you- you’ve always had a fight in you. You are willing to lose the battle, but not the war. It’s cool to work with someone who seeks out more challenges and knows that good things are hard.

In the beginning, I’m sure people underestimated you. However, the moment you bought yourself that first pair of lulu lemon pants, the old matt was behind you and the new matt officially took over. Everyone who works with you holds you in high regard and can rely on you to put a smile on their face. I’m so proud of you, and I look forward to working more closely with you the rest of 2022. Keep pushing yourself and keep growing that confidence. Congratulations Matt!!!” -Patty Blanchard

“I have been so honored to work with Mr. Matt Crawford over the past two years. In our first one on one, Matt made it clear very quickly how badly he wanted this. Right off the bat, I was so impressed by his quiet determination. Matt is one of those kids where the closer you are to him, the more to realize there is a fire deep within his core. He may seem sweet and shy on the outside, but the kid is a riot. He has turned himself into a confident, cocky (in the best way possible) recruiter, and we are all so stinken proud of him. We are very excited to see Matt in this new role as Senior Recruiter, and we are privileged that he will continue to support the Medical Device group at such a high level.

Matt- watching you grow into the recruiter you have become has been awesome. You have even grown as a person, and I think those of us who know you best would agree, we love who you’ve become. Keep believing in yourself because you thrive when you do. This promotion is so well deserved. Your desire to perfectly balance fun and hard work is impressive and we would take another 100 Matt Crawford’s if we could. Congratulations on all the success and the new TITLE – never change buddy!” -Alex Parenteau

“Matthew Crawford, Matty Ice, Matty Bottles… Congrats buddy, you made it! If there’s one true statement that could be said about Matt, it would be that all of Medical Device (especially Medical Device QVC) would not be the same without him. For those that have had the opportunity to sit near Matt, you’d know that the energy he brings every single day is second to none. You can constantly hear him on the phones, challenging other recruiters to daily competitions, and above all else, closing deals. Matt is the definition of working smart. He’s perfected utilizing his relationships to his advantage and he’s rode that wave (which is almost the amount that Matt spends on Gucci sunglasses each year). He truly cares about doing his job at a high level and is constantly looking for ways to improve and better not only himself, but everyone else around him. Matt, I could not be more excited to see what you do in this role and from what we’ve seen from you so far, the sky is the limit for you. This move is one that makes Med significantly stronger. Period. Congrats Matt and thank you for all you do for Medical Device!!” -Anthony Fratturelli