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Meaghan Gallagher Promoted to Senior Data Science Account Manager

November 09, 2023


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Since beginning her ALKU career in October 2020, Meaghan has been determined to change the staffing game. Since her very first day in the office, she has been a perfect example of what hard work looks like and how it pays off. Through her constant hard work and ability to form relationships with anyone she meets, Meaghan has consistently led by example in her role. In just three years, Meaghan has reached an impressive spread high and has broken into some of Epic’s largest accounts. Meaghan’s coworkers look up to her as a role model, and this new role only continues to prove what her entire team knows to be true: she was made to be a leader.

As someone who always goes above and beyond simply because she can, Meaghan truly embodies what it means to Have Fun Working Hard®. While reaching high spread levels and breaking into new accounts, she has also consistently exceeded her front-end metrics, which is no easy feat. Regardless of how much is on her plate, Meaghan handles all of her responsibilities seamlessly and does it all with a smile on her face, celebrating her wins no matter how big or small. As a Senior Account Manager, Meaghan will be responsible for driving spread for her team and continuing to lead by example. Congratulations, Meaghan! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Meg!!! I am over the moon excited about the fact that we can finally say you are Data Science’s first official SENIOR Account Manager! I will never forget your first day… shaking everyone’s hands, introducing yourself, and letting everyone know you meant business. I only started one month before you, but I looked up to you immediately because of the positive energy you brought into the office each and every day and all of the impressive things you did right off the bat despite the circumstances we were dealing with. Breaking into a client that everyone thought was impossible and shooting up in spread so fast was extremely impressive; right then and there, we all knew who Meaghan Gallagher was and who she had the potential to be here. You came in hot, and the fire has not dulled since that day. Your work ethic is admirable… you know what it takes to be successful in this job, and whether you realize it or not, the entire team has thought of you as our Senior AM for some time now. When those ALKU headphones come on, you know it is a BAD day to be a Hiring Manager!”- Sales Manager, Epic, Ashley Warren

“It was the fall of 2020 when Meg started at ALKU on the Epic team. I will never forget the moment she walked in, with the most confidence I have seen out of anyone, and shook about ten people’s hands, saying “Meaghan Gallagher” on her way to her desk. It was bold, and people asked, “Who is THAT?” In that moment… I knew she would be a star. Meg joined the team during a difficult time, just a few weeks before we went fully remote; she didn’t walk into a group that was closing deals left and right or report to a manager who had a lot of experience. You never would have known any of that, though, because from her very first day, Meg gave me something I hadn’t done anything to earn yet: her trust. She believed that if she kept working hard, everything would work out for her. She never made excuses, never questioned me or the group or the future, and she set out to create a successful career for herself.

The past three years have been challenging. They have been met with significant challenges and frustrations, but Meg has stood up to every obstacle with equal parts grace and strength that cannot be taught. During her time at ALKU, Meg has hit a spread high and broken multiple accounts previously deemed unbreakable while remaining consistent on the front end. All this alone would make her promotion more than earned, but Meg is so much more than the stats. She has become the heartbeat of the team. She is the life of the party, a shoulder to cry on, queen of the dance floor, champion of those she cares about, and there is nothing Meg won’t do for her team. She has been leading by example in so many ways for so long, and it’s about freaking time we made it official.

Meaghan – Congratulations times a million. I don’t think you realize how much you have taught me and how thankful I am to even know you. Thank you for being unapologetically yourself, for motivating and leading those around you, and for your trust through the fire. I cannot wait to see what you do next.” – Senior Sales Manager, Epic, Cybersecurity & Privacy, Shannen Ketenci

“Meaghan Gallagher has been infusing energy into Epic for the past three years! I remember giving Meaghan her full-time offer before she started. I left that Zoom being like: “Wow, that girl is like an energy shot!” From that day on, she has continued to be that shot in the arm for Epic. Whether it’s getting the whole team laughing, chasing hot leads with unmatched aggression, hitting a spread high of 66K, or breaking accounts that were once thought impenetrable. Meaghan has been an extremely valuable employee to ALKU and the Epic team. I know at ALKU, we like to say that you are in your role before you get the title for your role. Meaghan has been the Senior Data Science Account Manager for some time now, and I’m happy she will have the title to match! Congratulations Meaghan! I’m so happy for you, and I hope you celebrate!” – Sales Director, Epic, Data Science & Cybersecurity, Dan Lyons