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Meet Director of Medical Device Sales Bob Cordaro!

February 02, 2022


Read on to learn more about Bob through these burning questions…

What is your favorite podcast?
Contrary to the bandwagon, I don’t really listen to podcasts.

Who would you want to have coffee with?
My mom’s parents, my Nonno and Nonna (Grandpa and Grandma in Italian). My mom was their third child, and her brothers were 20 and 25 years older. I never really met my Nonna and my Nonno they passed away when I was young. They were the first generation that spent their entire lives in America, and their parents migrated from Italy. I’d love to hear about my family’s life in Italy before coming to America.

What ERGs are you a part of?
I’m not a part of any as of now, but one of my goals for 2022 is to change that!

What ALKU Gives Back events or programs have you participated in?
I have always been a big Rodman Ride guy, I have done the ride itself every year that I have been part of the company. At ALKU, fundraising is no joke, a bunch of motivated and determined people with a goal, you just summed up the ALKrew. People even go as far as shaving their heads for fundraising. A goal of mine is to be more involved in ALKU Gives Back fundraisers and events.

Are you involved in giving back in your local community?
I used to volunteer at the soup kitchen in Nashua. It has been years since I’ve done it, as I’ve been volunteering in other areas of the community. I always get involved around Christmas time, buying gifts for the church and the less fortunate.

What’s your career theme song?
All the way up- French Montana, Fat Joe, Remy Ma

What app can’t you live without?
My meditation app – when I was younger I thought meditating was for hippies. Meditation is one of my biggest keys to success. I meditate almost every morning, and it clears my mind and allows me to set goals for each day.

What is your favorite office lunch spot?
Shawsheen OBVIOUSLY. Thyme is a close second…

What is your go-to pick from the snack closet?
Chips… I’m a chip freak. Someday this will catch up to me, not yet!

How do you Have Fun Working Hard™?
I bring the energy, day in day out, no one would ever know when I’m having a rough day, but they obviously happen. I remain consistent and provide optimism to everyone around me. I try to put a smile on others faces, even if it is just in passing. The key to life is being someone that others want to be around, this translates particularly well in the corporate world.

What is your biggest career advice?
Be true to yourself and remain consistent. Don’t be someone you are not. Consistency is key, those who aren’t consistent expect big results and don’t understand why they aren’t getting them.

Bob’s Bio:
Bob started at ALKU in May of 2016 as a recruiter in the Medical Device division. He was then given the opportunity to help start the Regulatory & Scientific division in July of 2017.

As a Director, Bob is responsible for the growth and direction of all Medical Device teams, including Med QVC, TE, S&T, and RS. He is responsible for their continued growth, development of new leaders, and identification of new opportunities within the Medical Device world. He will work hand in hand with Patty Blanchard, Director of Medical Device Recruiting, to make this happen.