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Meet DE&I Coordinator Mezz Edozie!

September 15, 2022


Mezz Edozie Headshot

Introducing DE&I Coordinator, Mezz Edozie! We are thrilled to announce that Mezz has recently taken on the role of DE&I Coordinator! Mezz started his ALKU career in January of 2021 as a College Relationship Specialist. He has a passion for people, inclusivity, and all aspects of DE&I. Below are a few responses from Mezz regarding his perspective and motivation. Congratulations, Mezz! 

What are you most looking forward to in your new role as DE&I Coordinator?
What excites me the most about this new role is the opportunity to turn people’s ideas into reality. By working with the DEI Council and its subcommittees, we can create new and unique opportunities for everyone at ALKU to experience! From morning workouts to team outings, we all play a crucial role in making ALKU diverse, and I can’t wait to help highlight that. 

What influenced you to make the switch to the role of DE&I Coordinator?
One of my biggest influences was working in CRD; a massive shout-out to them! As a College Relationship Specialist, one of my main focuses was recruitment from diverse areas and schools. Seeing the impact from a recruiting perspective motivated me to look at other areas of DEI. In this role, there would be the opportunity to impact and grow more areas of DEI.  

What new DE&I initiatives do you hope to bring to ALKU, and why?
There are a lot of ideas and initiatives I want to bring to ALKU. More importantly, I want to ensure that everyone in the ALKrew feels recognized and has a sense of belonging. Some ways I hope to accomplish this are by growing our Employee Resource Groups and creating more diversity-driven opportunities. 

What are you doing daily to ensure everyone at ALKU knows our ongoing DE&I efforts, goals, and initiatives?
To ensure everyone at ALKU knows about our ongoing DEI initiatives, I frequently meet with our DEI council, subcommittees, and Employee Resource Groups leadership. By meeting so often, there are many updates regarding our goals. Being proactive towards our initiatives allows us to have updates to share with everyone at ALKU! 

Where do you believe ALKU has the most opportunity to improve DE&I efforts?
The beautiful thing about ALKU is that they always put their best people in the best opportunity. We should expand this idea and look into more areas of opportunity. By expanding our reach, I believe we have the opportunity to improve diversity at ALKU from all different perspectives.  

What about ALKU’s DE&I efforts differentiates us from other companies?
What separates ALKU’s DEI efforts from other companies is that we create communities for people worldwide. We place our consultants in the best opportunity and help create strong-lasting relationships/communities! We also have virtual training centers that help bring people together from across the country!  

Who is your most significant mentor, and why?
My most significant mentor(s) would be my family. They’ve always been the people in my corner to help motivate and push me daily. I’ve always been inspired by them and hope to achieve many of the things they have accomplished!