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Meet Executive Advisor, Matt Ovanes!

July 05, 2022


We sat down with Matt Ovanes to ask him our burning questions! Scroll to learn more!

What is your favorite podcast?
This answer may show my age, but I have never actually listened to a podcast. When driving, I typically listen to either Sirius XM or Apple Music, usually on one of the Alternative Music channels. When watching TV, it’s mostly live sports (GO CELTICS!), Family Guy, or whatever new Netflix series my wife binge-watches at the time.

Who would you want to have coffee with?
George W. Bush. He had to provide leadership in the most tumultuous and uncertain time during my lifetime, and he did so with varying degrees of success and failure. I would be very curious to ask him about his main concerns and priorities in his decision-making processes and any regrets he may have had. On a side note, I saw him in a live Q&A session at a convention one year, and he seemed to bring a very approachable persona to an incredibly powerful role.

What ERGs are you a part of?
I am not part of any specific ERGs at this point, but I have listened to a few of the different meetings, and I am impressed with the passion the members exhibit.

What ALKU Gives Back events or programs have you participated in?
I have participated in several of the Rodman Rides for Kids. In addition to volunteer opportunities and events at places such as the Lazarus House in Lawrence.

Are you involved in giving back to your local community?
Yes. In addition to the many different charities that ALKU promotes, I try to be open and generous to the various initiatives that ALKU employees are passionate about. On a personal level, my wife and I tend to give back to local initiatives associated with my daughter, whether it is local schools and PTAs, soccer and other sports, or now her association with SMU in Dallas.

What’s your career theme song?
“Shades” by The Knocks

What app can’t you live without?
A combination of Wunderground and OpenSnow so I can track where the best conditions are for skiing.

What is your favorite office lunch spot?
Shawsheen, obviously. They even named a sandwich for me at one point!! The sandwich was called “The Ovanes”, it’s chicken salad on white toast with jalapeno bacon, American cheese, and avocado.

What is your go-to pick from the snack closet?
Oat and Honey Granola bars when we have them.

How do you Have Fun Working Hard™?
A combination of celebrating your team’s successes (even the smallest ones) and then joking about all your failures and adversity. The celebration part tends to be the easy part, so you have to make sure you are in the mindset to laugh at yourself when you fall down every once in a while. This way, you’re smiling through the good AND the bad.

What is your biggest career advice?
Totally commit to what you are trying to accomplish. Whatever you are doing, try your best to do it excellently. If you put all your time, energy, and passion into a role, the chances are that you will be more successful at it than if you are held back in some way.

Matt’s Bio:
Matt Ovanes has over 25 years of experience in the consulting industry. Throughout his time at ALKU, Matt has helped to establish every team in the company. He has built this organization from the ground up, supplying strategic direction and guidance since the day he started.
Today, as Executive Advisor, Matt plays a critical role in ALKU’s growth. Utilizing his strategy and development expertise, Matt supports the growth and expansion of ALKU’s Leadership team to ensure a strong future for ALKU’s business and personnel.