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Meet Senior Vice President Jon Kujala!

February 08, 2022


Meet Senior Vice President Jon Kujala, otherwise known as Kuj around the office!

What is your favorite podcast?
Spittin Chiclets! It’s a hockey podcast that interviews current and former players and coaches. I highly recommend it if you are a fan of hockey. It was also started by two guys from Boston so it has a local flavor to it.

Who would you want to have coffee with?
Bobby Orr- he is in my mind the greatest hockey player of all time. He played in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s so I can only imagine the stories he must have.

What ERGs are you a part of?
I am a part of the Cool Parents Club. I am also a member of the DE&I council. I have also attended meetings for Unity and AWE.

What ALKU Gives Back events or programs have you participated in?
I have done the Rodman Ride for Kids a few times. I also took a pie in the face last year to raise money for Mass Mentoring Partnership.

Are you involved in giving back in your local community?
Our neighborhood has a food pantry drive each month. We donate food along with many other houses to help feed those in need.

What’s your career theme song?
Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. Not sure there is any other song that gets me more pumped up!

What app can’t you live without?
Fantasy Football- I recently retired as commissioner of the original ALKU league. But I love playing Fantasy Football each year. Helps keep me competitive.

What is your favorite office lunch spot?
Thyme- Their bento box is top notch! But replace the rice with Lo Mein noodles. And now that it is reopened, I have to mention Shawsheen!

What is your go-to pick from the snack closet?
Granola bars. They help get me through the day!

How do you Have Fun Working Hard™?
Walking around and seeing our employees Have Fun Working Hard™. I love to see the excitement from our employees around the office!

What is your biggest career advice?
Control what you can control. If you work hard, go above and beyond, you get rewarded. There is only so much you can control. You don’t want to look back and say, “If only I had done this.” Know that you did all you could do.

Jon’s Bio:
Jon has been working in the staffing industry for more than 15 years. Prior to joining ALKU, Jon specialized as an IT Recruiter. He was hired by ALKU in 2009 as the first recruiter. Jon built the recruiting process and training process and helped to develop the intern program. He moved up into a Director of Recruiting role before changing directions with his career. In Jon’s current role as Senior Vice President, he oversees the operational side of ALKU including Technology, Marketing, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Human Resources, Payroll, and Personnel Services. Jon believes what is most important to the growth of ALKU is the people; grow people’s careers and the company will grow.