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Meet Vice President of Business Development/Founder David Bruner!

January 26, 2022


What is your favorite podcast?
I don’t have a favorite podcast, but I will listen to sports radio all day if they are talking about the NFL. The outrageous statements, the arguing over trivial aspects of the game, and the fans that call in always make it interesting.

Who would you want to have coffee with?
I would love to sit down with Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), as the only four-time elected U.S. President, he directed the federal government out of the Great Depression and through most of World War II. It would be fascinating to hear his perspective and thought process on the strategies used during these critical times in history.

What ERGs are you a part of?
I am a part of the Parents Support Group, which has been a great platform for those of us with families to talk and share ideas. It’s always good to hear that as a parent you aren’t the only person dealing with certain issues.

What ALKU Gives Back events or programs have you participated in?
I am a regular participant in ALKU Gives Back events and programs. From the Rodman Ride for Kids, Lazarus House Pantry Stocking, Salvation Army Holiday Gifts, etc. I believe it falls on our shoulders to provide and offer support to those who need it however and wherever we can.

Are you involved in giving back in your local community?
My family and I volunteer in our hometown and support our local food pantry with monthly donations.

What’s your career theme song?
It’s hard to narrow one song down for a career theme song, but “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel is always one that makes it into any of my playlists.

What app can’t you live without?
“Car Buzz” is my favorite app! It’s a constant stream of articles about future cars, recalls, car technologies, and more. It is always the last thing I read at the end of the day.

What is your favorite office lunch spot?
I am always bouncing around, but do have a habit of getting hooked on a place and going non-stop! I’m currently on a Thyme kick, nothing like sushi and lo-mein.

What is your go-to pick from the snack closet?
Snacks for me are dangerous, any sort of gummy is always my go-to.

How do you Have Fun Working Hard™?
I love the hecticness of too much to do, not enough time in the day, and running around to keep up! The fun always presents itself organically in the silly things that take place during the day that become memories and a part of our culture.

What is your biggest career advice?
Leading by example is key, it will come in a variety of forms, without its execution and adhering to, you’ll never be in a position to dictate your career path.

Dave’s Bio:
Dave has over eighteen years of experience in the consulting industry. Prior to joining ALKU, Dave worked for a large consulting firm where he excelled in his production role. His responsibilities grew over the course of his career, making him an expert in account development and growth strategy. Dave is one of ALKU’s founding partners. His business knowledge and experience have made him a perfect fit in his role as Vice President of Business Development.

As VP of Business Development his responsibilities include starting new teams, managing client growth, sustaining long term business partnerships, as well as overseeing large opportunity development and plans. Dave works directly with senior management to consistently identify and target new opportunities in an effort to optimize ALKU’s business growth.